Berlin, on the other manners. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Aljfred Vesh /Alfred asch/

Operators: Aljfred Vesh

Reel №1


Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, they are marching troops in front of the drummers.

Passers-by on the streets.

city ​​Buildings, Cathedral, German Chancellery, fascist eagle sculpture in the courtyard, at the entrance to stand watch.

Aerodrome, train passes the station "Friedrichstrasse" is on the old bridge with two towers and sculptures.

The street is a double-decker bus.

Tram goes to Veysenzee suburb.

Index "Veysenzee" on the platform.

Coat Veysenzee 1272 with the steering wheel.

Figure Vensenzee old.

Archaeological excavations in the suburbs, the findings cast into museums: metal pitchers, plates, weapons and pottery.

View from the river and Norodom.

PNRM. on the waterfront with houses.

In the courtyard of the young people involved in charging.


The reserve in the forest, grazing deer, ducks in the river.

At the shore is a cafe, sit at the tables people admire the views.

With the boat man fishing.

Sports facilities in the city, pool, people bathe, jump from the tower.

The stadium sports are: running, jumping, playing tennis, football, tug of war, throwing the nucleus.

Children jumping high.

Girl doing a somersault, she applauded.

Holidaymakers on the beach.

Children play in the sand, swinging on a swing.

Industrial part Veysenzee: engineering, chemical and brewery.

Some production processes.

Kostruktorskoe bureau for engineers Kuhlmann.

Sausage factory, smoked ham, machine, grinding beef, production of sausages

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Reel №2


Smoked sausages, making dumplings, sausages, canned meat.

Meat products in the shop.

The inscription on the building: the National Socialist model farm.

A flag with a swastika.

Glass factory, making bottles, bottles in the automated line, the controller looks a huge magnifying glass.

Bottles of wine.

On a cart loaded barrel.

Worker factory at lunchtime relax on the sun loungers in the solarium.

The street is a double-decker bus, many street cafes.

Small shops on the street.

Man pulls out the flax, master sharpens detail.

The old woman spinning yarn.

Man and woman on the wind the thread huge Babin.

Home loom, for which the man works.

The pattern on the fabric - the dancing figures.

Economy suburban peasants wandering pigs with pigs, geese, cows.

Doira milking a cow, grazing flock of sheep.

Separate pools for breeding carp.

Stud horses in the corral.

The monuments in the city, a monument in front of the Humboldt


Collect fruit in the garden, she carries a basket with apples, they are placed in boxes.

Cleaning cabbage, radish, potato, peas, beets, carrots, pumpkins.

Vegetables are loaded on the machine, sent to Berlin.

Professional school for the training of the colonists.

Children treated field, laid the stones, planted seedlings, engaged in beekeeping.

Classes lathe business, blacksmith.

Spinning mill wings.

Farmers harvest festival, they are dressed in national costumes.

Demonstration of the Hitler Youth groups, girls.

On the podium of the speaker.

Folk dances.

PNRM. for greenhouses in which to grow flowers.

The street goes a wagon with flowers, stretch poster: "Flowers Veysenzee".

Flower Festival in the city, the street going cars, decorated with flowers, girls dancing.

Speech athletes with clubs.

All walking on the street with bouquets.

Jubilee celebration of 700 years of existence Veysenzee.

They come decorated with machine layouts.

Go to the old man camisoles with peaks in the hands of the dancing girl.

Stand with posters of the national festival.

Playing a military band named Hermann Goering Division.

The parade of athletes at the stadium, marching soldiers.

Military and sports games and competitions.

Demonstration maneuvers Wehrmacht: steeplechase riding a bike, jump on horseback.


Spinning carousel.

Military parade, Mashiro soldiers riding tanks, motorized artillery, riders, cavalry

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