Records of the 37th year (1937)

Documentary №66836, 4 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Tarrid Zhan. Tarride Jean
Camera operators:Lotar Eli

Reel №1

An attempt by means of cinema to reflect the most important achievements of science and technology.

From the window of a large farm house looks inviting and woman teenage son.

That, in the form of Flight, sits in the airplane takes off.

on the ground from a height of view.

It flies a helicopter passenger aircraft.

Ships at sea.

Cabinet, the man at the table begins the story of the achievements.

Revives the picture on screen: newspaper seller calls out the headlines.

Headline in the newspaper: Amelia Ehrhardt puts record of the San Francisco-Honolulu Photo female lёtchitsy.

Photos come alive, Amelia gives interviews.

Her plane sits down at the airport in America, it runs with the colors, the journalist takes it, looks at his watch.

Telegraph, sending messages.

The telegraph wires.

Hurtling train, flying aircraft.

Composing machines in the printing, newspaper printing process, there is a stream of newspaper sheets.

Workers take the newspaper, packed in boxes.

Peddlers newspapers carry packs on bicycles.

Many newspapers.

A flash of lightning, a fire in the forest.

Games scene production of fire by our ancestors by means of a friction rod.

Negro tribes mined fire ritual dance around the fire.

Modern use of electricity, street lighting and buildings.

Primitive tillage.

Bas chariots.

The water wheel at the mill uses the power of water.

The turbine is a modern power.

Spinning Roulette.

Girls turn in large circles, the pair is on a large wooden circle on the water.

Spinning carousel, machine parts.

Gonchar for spinning circle.

Bas-relief depicting the chariot.

Statuette of a horse wagon.

The use of horses in agriculture, lucky horse hay.

Powered mower, farmers harvested hay.

Threshing, spilling grain.

Wheat field.

Plowing horses, oxen, sowing by hand in different countries.

The temples and works of art of antiquity.

Gothic cathedrals, Asian temples, Buddha sculpture.

Ancient ruins.

Sculptures elephant, horse, mythical creatures.

Bas-reliefs of Hindu art.

Sculpture of a knight, a sculpture of Christ.

The architectural and sculptural monuments, pyramids and sphinx

Key words

1930, aviation, telegraph, printing, press, electricity, agriculture, art, temple, ruins, sculpture, architecture, monuments

Reel №2

An attempt by means of cinema to reflect the most important achievements of science and technology.

god sculpture with skulls instead of hair.

Flips the hourglass.

Development clockwork.

Watch the arrow spinning in the opposite direction.

Sundial clock in the chapel, their mechanism associated with bells.

From the window in a circle moving figurines.

The old man with an hourglass in his hand, the clown with a bell.

Antique music boxes and mechanical dolls.

Doll plays the xylophone.


The orchestra, composed of the skeletons.

The doll on the bike pedals.

The orchestra of monkeys.

Jumping clown and monkey gymnast doing exercise.

The development of astronomy and navigation.

The old pattern: the man with the astrolabe.

Picture of an old ship.

Sailing ship in the sea.

Map of Spanish maritime empire.

Spinning Globe.

Newton's studies.

Map of the starry sky.

The use of water and wind energy.

Windmills, some mechanism in the Asian ruins.

The development of writing.

Graffiti, characters, manuscripts, encyclopedia.

Drawings of technical drawings, human anatomy illustration.

Development of water and air fleet.

Whistle ship, ship engine room.

Figure balloon.

The balloon rises into the sky.

In the sky, a parachutist descends.

Of the zeppelin hangar exits.

The appearance of the locomotive, electric devices, the telegraph, Morse code / hand knocks the letters /, telephone, phonograph.

Torch in hand, lamps, candles.

Using gas.

Studies in the laboratory electricity.

The advent of radio and television.

Excavators digging the ground, working on a road construction machines, ice rink, mechanical dredge.

The train goes through a tunnel.

Ocean-going ships in the channel.

The construction of canals, dams.

Pipes of factories.

The use of water energy: mountain stream, a waterfall.

The power plant, the turbine hall.

Construction of the dam, the water flow races.

The current high-voltage power lines.

Laying of cables and telephone lines.

X-rays in medicine.

Electric discharge.

Spotlight shines on a lighthouse.

The light in the windows of houses, burning cars lights, illuminated advertising in the cities, illuminated ring with boxers.

Illumination of the cathedral, fountain lighting

Key words

watches, dolls, astronomy, navigation, science, water transport, aeronautics, industry, construction

Reel №3

Lit chandelier.

Glassblower at work.

Replacing manual labor mechanized.

Automatic line for the production of lamps.

Automatic line for the production of bottles, filling them with wine labeling.

Shop with automatic line.

Telephone exchange, hand spinning disk phone.

Calculator, cash.

The plant, automatic wind the wire on the spool.

Powered press, manufacture of parts under pressure in an automotive plant, welding.

Metallurgical plant, there is a red-hot metal rolling.

Scrap metal under a huge magnet.

The work on the machines.

On the bridge there is a stream of cars.

cars parked in urban traffic.

Trucks go through the desert.

Tractor carries a pipe.

The construction of oil rigs.

Oil well workers pump oil.

Laying the pipeline.

Loading oil tanker in port.

Tanks with oil.

Industrial landscape.

Plant for processing gas, filling of gas cylinders.

Gas consumers in the kitchen.

Spinning propeller aircraft.

The nose of the ship cuts through the waves.

Seaplane on the water, take off the aircraft.

Flying birds and planes.

The aircraft perform aerobatic maneuvers.

Hydroplane over the Arctic, ice bergs in the water.

Ocean ship at sea.

The plane flies over New York, the desert, the city by the sea.

An airplane on the airfield.

Vintage cars, coaches.

Couple riding a vintage car on the street

Key words

manufacturing, industry, automotive, industry, oil, aircraft

Reel №4

speed development.

Racing cars on the road, with the car accident.

The car rushes on the bank.

Bicycle racing, horse racing, hydroplane race on, motorboats.

A pair of water-skiing behind a boat.

A man performs tricks on water skis.

A parallel installation run on water and conventional skiing.

Bobsleigh athletes race down the chute.

Natural water trough, in which the inhabitants of the Negro race populations.

On the water, boats, kayaks.

Running in the stadium, horse racing, sailing, racing on the cars, bicycles.

dogs run along the paths.

Ran skaters.

Running hurdles, long jump and high, jumping, jumping into the water.

The athlete jumps from a high cliff into the sea.

Jumping paratroopers.

A man performs a trick speed: he is on the boat racing, hydroplane flies over him, the man clinging on track for ski.

Running with baskets on their heads, running competition of waiters with trays.

Funny pictures.

From a small car gets very tall man.

Smiling two twin brother, two-old brother, two daughters, twins with dogs.

Parade of the Twins.

Male torso screwed onto female tissue obtained dress with bow.

Records in research.

The microscope, microscopic photography, protozoa.

Cell division, multiplication of the simplest.

The Observatory, a scientist at the telescope.

View of the moon, the starry sky.

Rises balloon.

Top view on road-serpentine in the mountains.

Driving on freeways.

Bridges of different shapes.

Buildings in the city.

Hangar, the test aircraft.

Children run from the school.

Children in kindergarten, nursery.

Firefighters fighting with fire.

Burning building, wood, ship, airship, oil derrick, a race car, taking off at the margins.

Accidents in racing.

The accident aircraft.

Collapsing house, pipe falls.

Diver underwater.

Modern photography rocking.

Falling drop of water - Rapid.

Shooting with flash bulbs, matches.

Sound image on the film.


The construction of bamboo, a man makes bricks from clay.

People look Tickertapes.

Speech dancer.

African ritual dance.

Ballet Performance.

People in the metro.

Persons working people: the builder, engineer, miner, plowman, attendant, athlete

Key words

accident, cars, sports, twins, science, highway, bridge, kids, fire, ballet

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