Spain 1936. (1937)

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Reel №1

In 1931, the monarchy in Spain collapsed.

King Alphonse XIII abdicated.

Falling equestrian monument to King.

Proclaimed republic.

Universal jubilation on the streets of Madrid.

Go demonstrations and rallies.

The street goes truck, young people dropped leaflets.

Women handing out leaflets.

On the walls of the slogans and posters.

Amnesty requirements.

People in the queue, including the nuns.

Surrounded by the crowd goes the leader of the socialist movement Largo Caballero.

The rally at the stadium.

PNRM. the expanses of Spain, its fields and mountains.

Children in school, they sit at the table, running with briefcases.

Spanish guard on horseback.

Parade of troops, marching soldiers, rides horse artillery.

General Queipo de Llano takes hits.

Map of Spain. 17-18 July 1936 broke out the military-fascist revolt.

Against the background of the card explosions, soldiers in the attack.

At the head of the rebellion generals Franco Kabanelyas, Mola, Queipo de Llano.

The diagram from Morocco to Spain moving ships and planes.

Port Morocco, colonial troops marching.

Spanish nationalist troops on parade.

Marching young Falangists, women's groups.

From the crowd fascist greeting.

General Queipo de Llano on the balcony.

The city riding trucks with soldiers and towed guns.

View of Madrid from the heights.

The street passing a truck with soldiers in black uniforms, the carabinieri on motorcycles.

In response to flashes of national-revolutionary war of the Spanish people against fascism.

Groups of people on the street, riots.

The crowd fired from a gun, people run.

Broken windows in houses, traces of bullets and explosions.

Against the wall a man sitting at home in civilian clothes with a rifle in his hands.

Go demonstrations of the revolutionary people.

Distribution of weapons of the Republican forces.

The soldiers of the republican army forage caps marching.

Go down the street, young people, raising his fist - a symbol of unity, girl.

Soldiers walk past the ruins of the fortress wall.

Bus with revolutionary soldiers on the road.

Soldiers pass by camera, posing.

Conducted at the station, the men sit in the wagons, train sent to the front.

Warships heading towards Madrid.

Ships in the Bay.

On board the sailors with their fists.

General Mola with the troops in the mountains, go carts, carry guns.

On the way, riding tanks.

Fighting Franco with Republicans.


City in ruins

Key words

Spain, 1930, demonstration, rally, parade, army, soldiers, fascism, city

Reel №2

The fighting on the outskirts of Madrid.

View of the burning city from the river.

The civilian population is saved from the advancing units of General Franco.

People run over a bridge.

Women are loaded on children car things.

Trains and boats in the port, refugees waiting at the train station.

Soldiers-Republicans in the streets, go street fighting.

Collapsing house.

Burning buildings, they are trying to extinguish.

In the room there are the coffins.

Scheme of the various political movements: the Communists, Gaucho Republicans, socialists, Basques, syndicalists, the Catalans.

Working people of Spain continues to work.

Women for typewriters sew, work machines, factories, pours hot metal in the steel shop, working excavator, the harvest in agriculture.

Postal aircraft on the field.

Signs of war.

On the road going car, it takes a man with a rifle, checks the documents.

The soldiers on motorcycles riding around the city.

People sitting at tables in outdoor café, tobacco shop works in the market selling fruit.

A shepherd leads a flock of sheep, grazing herd of cows.

At the slaughterhouse are animal carcasses.

On the truck is loaded bags.

The traffic, the bus rides with a red cross.

Hospital, are wounded on a stretcher.

Operating surgeon operations.

In the House are wounded.

The boys play sports, jump over a goat, splashing in the pool.

Soldiers collect church utensils, the wall are icons.

Military exercises Republicans, shooting prone.

Signalman with mining, construction under the banner.

The soldiers raise their hands, clenched into a fist.

They are marching down the street, people greet them.

At this time, the diplomats are in talks in London.

Anthony Eden at the meeting on the subject of Spain.

Presentations of speakers, speech Spanish delegate M.Alvaresa del Vayo

Key words

Spain, in 1936, the city, the war, the refugees, the wounded, the hospital, teaching, work, personality

Reel №3

Italy, Mussolini on horseback in front of the troops.

Parade of Italian troops on the background of the swastika.

Germany, Hitler speaks from the podium, Hitler in the military.

Parade of the Navy to the Führer.

Italian fleet at sea.

In Spain, continuing fights between Republicans and Franco in Madrid.

Figure tick the pinching point labeled Madrid.

Index: Madrid 90 km.

Taking the campus in the suburbs of Madrid, ruins.

In Madrid, banners with the slogan: they shall not pass !, propaganda posters on the walls.

Speech Dolores Ibarruri at the rally.

Photos of Republican fighters in combat.

General Rivera, head of the International Brigades.

General Miaja takes over the leadership of the Defense Committee of Madrid, it is the card.

Largo Caballero in the brigade.

The soldiers drag a cannon, shoot.

Attack Republicans.

The walls are killed.

A bunch of soldiers' helmets, stacks of rifles and ammunition.

The fighting in winter conditions, the fighters rush the hills, they shoot at the parapet.

Madrid became Spain Verdun.

Ran Republican fighters fall in barbed wire.

Attack of the Arab parts.

Offensively, tanks, planes

Key words

Italy, Spain, Germany, fascism 1936, the Navy, the personalities, war, parade

Reel №4

The siege of Madrid, traffic.

Men with shovels debris removed, the boys help carry stones.

Construction barricades of rubble, sandbags.

The men in positions.

Rest before the fight.

They read the newspaper, a soldier writes a letter.

The wounded are in hospital on a stretcher.

Positions in the woods.

The raid on the German division Condor Madrid.

People anxiously look to the sky.

A beep sounds and the air-raid, residents flee to the refuge, take refuge in their homes.

In the city are flying projectiles.

Firefighters extinguish a fire.

The ruins of the city, the residents of the ruins, visiting the destruction.

In the ruins of the house, the cathedral, shops and bars.

Women cry.

The dead women and children on the sidewalks.

Coffins are in the car.

Coffins in the room.

Installation of short shots, reminiscent viewers Republican heroes.

Those marching soldiers, trenches.

A girl holding a Spanish flag

Key words

Spain, in 1936, war, death, corpses, wounded, barricades