The war against the church (1940)

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Propaganda films, whose authors full responsibility for the destruction of monuments of culture and art in Western Europe lay in the Anglo-American troops.

May 1940.

German soldiers are going through the village.

Explosions, smoke, ruins, wall falls burning house.

In the dark silhouette of the church.

Crumbling historic buildings.

The Germans are on the street in single file past the old buildings and the cathedral.

The Germans take away debris from the hose extinguish the Cathedral Notre Dame - a sacred place for every Frenchman that the British surrender to the will of fire.

Frustrated ST.

Peter Beauvais.

One Department is undefeated.

on the facade of the cathedral type, individual decorative elements preserved, the front arch.

Notre Dame in Amiens lying on Weygand Line, remained undefeated.

The ruins of the cathedral after the British bombardment.

Ruined cathedral of Notre Dame in Belgium.

University of Louvain, burned by the British in retreat, burned a huge library with priceless manuscripts.

The priest shows German officers burnt down building.

The city of Lübeck and its churches, medieval towers, 15th century palace, courtyard, fountain.

City Hall in Gothic style in the ruins.

Evangeliysky church in Germany, the interior view, altar.

Priceless body which played Johann Sebastian Bach.

Old medieval German banners.

Astronomical Clock, 16th century wooden moving figures.

Broken church supplies in a pile affected by British bombs, the church ruins.

The same fate befell the museum.

Sprout after the British bombing destroyed the Cathedral inside.

The destroyed church in Bremen.


Jacob suffered in Berlin by the British night raids.

German soldiers extinguish fires on the ruins of the cathedral.

The preserved statue of the saint on the wall.

Cologne, silhouettes of ruined cathedrals.

The ruins of a Gothic cathedral.

Ruined organ, altar, sculptures Cologne Cathedral.

One of the oldest cathedrals in Europe - the period of Charlemagne - lies in ruins.

Dame Sculpture in Turin / Italy / ruins of the church, the church chandelier swinging among the ruins.

Residents pray in ruins.

Cathedral of Messina, here too the Anglo-American bombs destroyed the church.

Falling stones from the walls.

The sculptures in the niches.

The Germans kept the European culture, the British and the Americans destroyed it

Key words

France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Poland, soldiers, bombing, church, cathedral, ruins, fire

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