Samples of foreign aircraft (1930-1939)

Footage №66873, 2 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Stanek Milosh. Stanek Milos

Reel №1

USA. Training shooting from aircraft against ground targets, the aircraft hit the target set on the ground.

Two pilots in the cockpit, front submits signs arrow that shoots a gun.

The aircraft simultaneously performs aerobatics.


Combat flight squadron bombing.


The squadron prepares for flight, bombs suspension to the bombers.

Pilots run the machines, flying over the city, fields.

Training bombing flying boat 500-kilogram bombs.

The explosions on the ground.

Group flight squadron, planes are flying in the air systems.

Flying in the mountains, the valley Ёsemite.

USA. Group fighter flight, view of skyscrapers in the city from the air.

US bombers in flight. 94 French military aircraft over Africa.

Airfield below.

Story pilots at the airport, it bypasses the general shakes hands.

Pilots on holiday, in the hands of a pilot rabbit floundering.

Rise planes with paratroopers, fly over the city, the sea

Key words

USA, France, aviation, teaching, bombing, climbers

Reel №2

Parade of French troops in Africa, on the podium of warlords.

A squad of Arab horsemen galloping on horses on parade.

Squadron in flight.

The airfield in the desert.

Aerial view of the hills, mountains and desert.

The pilot looks down over the city.

African locality, the people of camels.

Black women with children.

The aircraft flies over the mountains.

Transportation residents by boats.

Pilots in the Negro village, the villagers demonstrate pilots ceremonial dances.

USA. The teachings of the Navy with the participation of 500 aircraft in flight between San Francisco and Hawaii.

US military ships in the campaign, a top view of the squadron.

Over vessels flying seaplanes, aircraft maintenance.

United States, Dayton.

Group flying gyroplanes.


Paratroopers sent to the aircraft.

Jumping from an airplane wing.

Air assault (from Rapid).

In the air, the parachute opens.

USA. Skydivers board the airship, training jumps.

The two air airship.


The record jump from the stratosphere to a height of 11,000 meters with an oxygen mask.

Comparative table of the highest peaks - Everest 8840 meters.

Landing, a parachutist people running.

USA. Use parachute climbers.

A girl holding a parachute.

The jump from a high tower.

Jump off a cliff

Key words

USA, Africa, parade, army, cavalry, aviation, desert, village, dancing, teaching, Navy, Air Force, parachutists

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