Bounty Hunters Southern Seas. (1930 - 1939)

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Ethnographic film made Johnson's expedition in the Pacific Islands. 1 part (leader tape 2nd).

Solomon Islands on the map.

Expedition vessel in the sea.

View from the sea to the island, a native village.

Residents of the island belonging to the Polynesian race.

The daily life of the natives.

Women wash near the water, collect water in jars.

The hut is a man on a mat, making it the second tattoo.

Map, Solomon Islands, Hebrides.

The vessel approaching the shore, the natives greeted the expedition.

Types of natives and their customs.

Place of sacrifice, music and dance, accompanied by sacrifices.

Johnson and his wife on board a sailing boat with blacks-porters.

Visiting the island Vao kinds shores of the jungle.

The natives climb up a tree by its interwoven vines, remove the fruit, eat.

On the shore there is a detachment of natives with guns with painted faces.

Johnson's wife tries to talk to them.

Totems in huts

Ethnographic film made Johnson's expedition in the Pacific Islands.

Part 2 (on the leader tape 3 rd).

The hut sit three Negro smoke.

The interior of the hut.

Houses decorated with burnt human heads.

The native picks up a skull.

In the hut over the fire dries native head on a stick.

The native gets out of the bag of the head, showing Johnson.

Types natives, women, children.

With the birth of the natives with special devices pull the head.

Johnson near the pygmy treats his cigarette.

All clothing is aboriginal times, at the hands of bracelets, nose sticking stick.

Aboriginal Types.

Aboriginal crowd near the box, twist the handle movie camera Expedition, look into the lens.

In the evening, Johnson hangs up a sheet as a screen, shows Aboriginal film.

In the morning the natives assign totems to the Johnsons.

On the ground lies a lot of skulls.

Gathering of the tribe.

Aboriginal Johnson feels the muscles.

Europeans are in danger of being sacrificed.

Aboriginal belligerent, they knock on the trunks of the trees, go with spears, dance war dance.

Came to the rescue with the French ship rescued spouses Johnson.

Sunset, palm trees

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