Film-Review. (1935)

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Director: Roj Mak. Roy Mack

Reel №1

The film-concert.

Girls dancers costumes dismantled, ready for submission to the dressing room make-up, they prichёsyvayutsya, painted.

The song the girls, they run to the scene.

Dancing girls in white short dresses, wearing hats with feathers.

The girls form a circle, the costs range from a couple there who sings a love song lyric.

Girls descend from above the muslin with the stars.

Presentation in the form of scenes from Hollywood, the studio held a casting of performers for the music of the film.

In the waiting room sat a girl.

Producer talks with the secretary, they are interrupted by a man in military Hungarian costume, which appears to the producer as an actor.

Producer warns him that the film music, he sings terribly off-key, producer chases him away.

For producer fits a woman, tries to, but he shuts the door.

A woman sings a song Broken heart of Hollywood.

There are pictures of studio Warner Bros., the studio area, pavilion, go shooting.

Casting the actors are the girls with suitcases.

She looks back on the stocking, which crawled arrow.

Leading announces number: scene in the New York subway.

Car subway train, sitting and standing passengers

Key words

US, entertainment, concert, dance, music

Reel №2

The film-concert.

A man reads a newspaper, the neighbors put their nose in it, he throws it in their hearts.

The fat is considering advertising toothpaste.

The car comes with a pair, sings a song lyric.

Girls sitting on the benches, dancing.

Before the curtain woman announces number.

On stage at the white grand piano plays and sings Ray Perkins, rear semicircle on armchairs sit lovers who are waiting for their turn.

Ray is in order.

The first man stands up, Antonio de Palin, he taps spoons rhythmic melody while sitting on the piano.

Next - Melba Bennett - acts with artistic whistle, depicting birds voices.

Quartet of Connecticut, a man with a guitar and three girls sing a song Happiness.

The girl in a brilliant short dress singing on the background of the broad staircase steps, they tap to girls dance.

So the pair and trio singing a song lyric

Key words

USA, concert, entertainment, music, dancing