Driving in difficult conditions. (The course of driving) (1944)

Documentary №66899, 2 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized

Reel №1

The car with the soldiers coming through the mud, the wheels skid.

All but the chauffeur out, pushing the car, bring to the hard ground.

Truck gets stuck, but not enough people and there is no other aids.

In this case, do not continue to attempt to move the machine on their own.

It is necessary to use a shovel to clear the way for the release back.

When driving off-road or when the terrain is not visible to the driver to before the lead car has to go fighter scouting way.

Shallow trenches need to move diagonally.

In a wide and deep moat need to demolish the wall, to moving, not to damage parts of the machine.

The broad moat need to drive up at a right angle and slowly enter it.

When the car reached the bottom, it is necessary to increase the engine speed to the car could go out without stopping.

Puddle, in which traces of recent directions, can be overcome with the progress, giving the car a sufficient acceleration.

If there is no trace of passage, by the puddles and other obstacles should be approached with caution.

Exit scout obstacle stick.

On the road with deep ruts the front wheels must be in the exact forward.

When driving on heavily trodden road the driver must steer the car so that the wheels were between the deep ruts.

When driving on the marshy soil with relatively robust herbaceous cover is better to go next to the track of the previous machine.

On slippery and icy roads is always a danger of skidding car.

The driver does not have to turn the front wheels in the opposite skid

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cars, roads

Reel №2

Overcoming the steep climb, the driver must comply with the distance between the machines, ensuring traffic safety.

If there is a danger of the car rolling, followed by the men, who in the case of stopping the machine enclose wedges under the rear wheels.

Rules to overcome the long climb, sharp turns of mountain roads with one-way and two-way traffic.

It is dangerous to move down on the soft side of the road on the road paved, as this may lead to an accident.

Hitching a rope or chain is used only as a last resort.

The cable has to be strung all the time.

For towing a machine the other is necessary to apply a rigid coupling.

Water obstacles are overcome after careful preparation and intelligence.

It is necessary to loosen the fan belt, pick up the generator.

Slowly enter the water in low gear without stopping.

After overcoming water barrier to stop and adjust the belt tension is normal, remove the water

Key words

cars, roads

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