Withdrawal of the best plant varieties. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Yunghans Voljfram. Junghans Wolfram

Operators: Gniser O.

Reel №1

German colonies in Africa, the beach with palm trees.

Africans collect coconuts, clean them.

Loading on a German ship bananas, bags.

Experimental Breeding Station in Germany on breeding the best plant varieties.

Orchard, there is a collection of apples, pears.

The fruit, the affected by rot, scab.

Express photography apple blossoming flowers.

Woman holds the artificial pollination of flowers, putting on caps cellophane.

Planting seeds in a box in the laboratory, the selection of the best specimens and planting them in the experimental field.

The cultivation of new varieties.

Plantation of flowering lupine.

Photos scientist, engaged in breeding new varieties of lupine.

Experimental field sampling.

Close-up of lupine, burst pods, seeds fall to the ground.

Cow eat in the field of lupine.

Flowering soy, holding artificial pollination.

Express survey of germinating seeds

Key words

Africa, Germany, science, agriculture, breeding, garden, fruit

Reel №2

Workshop for the processing of soya margarine.

Field peas.

The man closes the flower bed with plants special boxes from the sun.

The plants are in pots in a greenhouse.

Carrying out artificial pollination.

Express survey of plant growth.

Cleaning vegetables crops.

Village street on which go carts with vegetables: cabbage, beets and others.

Experiments conducted with plants in the laboratory.

Hardening seedlings at a temperature of -6 degrees, landing in the ground.

potato collection in the fields.

Thunderstorm potatoes - Colorado potato beetle, and the fight against it with the help of herbicides.

Installation plans growing plants, fruits.

A huge field of wheat, sunflower.

Close-up of ripening sunflowers

Key words

Africa, Germany, science, breeding, agriculture, vegetables