Bahamas. (1930 - 1939)

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Reel №1

George Vanderbilt and his friend Bill sent to the yacht to the Bahamas to experience the thrill of catching a shark.

View of the island, which in 1512 landed explorer Ponce de Leon, the lighthouse on the coast, panorama of the city, a lot of boats at the pier.

Yacht boat surrounded with locals who beg for money for travelers.

George and Bill coins thrown into the water, agile natives catch them.

Finally running out of coins with friends, but to drive away the natives not so easy.

Friends sent to catch sharks.

George on the nose looking through binoculars, sees an uninhabited island to which they moor the boat.

In shallow water, they build a special tower of poles, which caught the shark and pulled ashore.

As bait, they caught a slope, cut it into pieces and strung on a tow rope with a hook.

And now to the tower suspended caught two sharks.

The hunt on the tiger shark

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Reel №2

Shark grabs the bait.

Suddenly, George falls into the water from the tower, shark chasing him.

Bill shoots at the shark with a gun, it helps George get into a boat.

Friends landed on the island with the servants, go with guns to shoot birds for supper.

Servant brews coffee on the fire, put a table.

On the morning of friends go on a search for pearls from the seabed.

George puts on a mask and goes down into the water with a basket, finding shells and raises them on board.

Bill sees a shark, beats her oar.

George underwater fight with a shark, swimming to the boat.

Bill throws a spear into a shark.

All ends happily.

Ends day, sunset

Key words

Bahamas, fish, fishing, ocean