CSC Stalowa Wola (Industrial Center) (1930-1939)

Footage №66929, 4 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Gabrieljski Ezhi. Gabryelski Jerzy
Camera operators:Vlassak Henrik

Reel №1

A documentary about the Polish military industry.

A map of Europe.

Military training in different countries.

Italy: tank maneuvers in the field artillerymen dragging guns gun barrel rises.

Tanks on the road.

In the sea are warships, ship guns.

England: Scottish troops marching in the parade.

British tanks on maneuvers.

Top view of the huge number of aircraft on the field, flying squadron.

Vessels at sea.

France: Marching troops riding tanks.

Artillery colonial troops on the march, ships at sea.

Germany: Parade march of the troops of Hitler.

Cars with soldiers race over rough terrain.

In the sea the German ships, submarines.

USSR: the tanks go on the road, ships at sea, aircraft in the sky.

Poland in the heart of Europe.

Polish aircraft on the field, the military court.

Portrait marshal Rydz Smigly his speech.

Marching columns of soldiers and workers.

The country needs a military industry development.

It is concentrated in the vicinity of Stalowa Wola.

Mine ore at Sandomierz.

Dramatization of finding ore peasant.

The modern plant, the ore in the furnace.

There is iron smelting.

Steelworkers at work.

The rolling mill.

Laying of railway and communications

Key words

Poland, Italy, England, France, Germany, the USSR, soldiers, weapons, workers, military industry, metallurgy industry

Reel №2

A documentary about the Polish military industry.

Design office, the engineers of the drawing board.

Creating a cooperative working in Nisku.

Work shop where workers outfit.

Old water mill.

Work on the construction of the dam at Rohnova.

PNRM. construction, crane lifts the rock.

Laying of the foundation, concreting.

On both banks of the river are the tunnels.

The map shows a power supply circuit with a power plant in the country Rohnove.

Locks on Dunajec.

Working time of construction.

Construction of roads, asphalt roller leveled.

new road type.

Production processes at the pulp mill, paper manufacture

Key words

Poland, road construction, manufacturing, industry, workers

Reel №3

A documentary about the Polish military industry.

Construction workers' settlement.

Factory rubber tires for the automotive and aviation industries.

Gas production in the country, mining rigs and equipment.

Construction of gas pipe, a branch goes through the river.

Nitrogen plants in Mostsitse, the production of artificial fertilizers, which are exported.

PNRM. Mostsitse plant, workers riding bicycles.

Aviaengine plants Rzheshove

Key words

Poland, construction, factory, manufacturing, industry, military industry, chemical industry, workers

Reel №4

A documentary about the Polish military industry.

Logging work loggers.

Woodworking plant.

The Minister of War Kasarzhitsky together with Polish President inspects Mostsitsikim Stalowa Wola district.

Cases battery factory.

Production processes are day and night.

Working for the machines.

New construction of colossal enterprises.

Parade of troops to Marshal Rydz Smigly in Warsaw.

Marshall picks up the rod

Key words

Poland, the military industry, forest industry, factory, workers, parade

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