From Konigsberg to Berchtesgaden. (1934)

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Director: Trippelj Otto. Trippel Otto

Operators: Trippelj Otto. Trippel Otto

Reel №1

Map of Germany, East Prussia, the city of Koenigsberg, Insterburg, Allenstein, Pillau, Palmniken, Krantz and others.

Port, near the coast stand trial.

PNRM. along the shore, a view of the lighthouse building.

At the pier the ship.

Prussian Stetten.

Marching detachment of adolescents with a flag.

On mast ship tricolor.

With the ramp down of drummers and buglers, them guys in uniform with backpacks.

Playing a military band of sailors.

View of the sailing ships near the shore.

Evening on the water the lunar path.


Mining village, career.

plant Pipes, moving conveyor with the breed.

Women for conveyor sorting lumps of ore.

Beaches on the beach, people walk, sit on the benches.

Spectators near the site where performing folk dance.

Fishermen inspect network.

Women hung for drying fish.

Sand dunes on the shore

Key words

Germany, city, port, transportation, water, band, music, industry, factory, fishermen, dancing

Reel №2

Hitler youth involved in the sport of gliding, boys dragged on twine glider, he sits in the girl puts on the helmet.

The glider down the hill, it hovers in the air, landing on the sand.

The fauna of the north: Heron strode the earth, they are near the water.

According marshland wanders elk, it moved across the creek.

Sailing boat swam to the shore.

Fisherman's village, a large farmhouse.

Fishermen inspect network repairing them.

Colorful bearded fisherman with a pipe in his mouth collects network.

The boats carrying cargo hay.

For a woman with a child sitting in a boat, suited postman gives her the paper.

Near the house, the woman smoked eels in a large home-made oven.

In the field there is a harvest, there are haystacks.

Women in potato pile.

Storks in the nest on the roof.

Sailing boat goes along the shore.

PNRM. around town.

Raftsman leads raft of logs, sails under the bridge.

It takes a barge with wood, various ships with cargo.

Families living right on the barges.

Women preparing dinner, knit, play with the puppy.

With the barge goes trade with the residents, they buy potatoes, onions and fish.

PNRM. along the shore, old houses with peaked roofs, standing back to back, the cathedral.

On the street there is a tram, coat of arms on the wall.

The courtyard with a gallery.

Agricultural Fair in the city halls, equipment.

Customers visiting the exhibits.

Showing breeding cows, horses.

Inspection of their officials, officers in the form of armbands with swastikas

Key words

Germany, sports, wild animals, birds, fishermen, household, agriculture, town, village, exhibition

Reel №3

Plowing horses, wheat cleaning, mowing.

Hay stack on a long wagon.

Peasant Family lunch box.

Work on the threshing, the grain is filled into bags.

Worth windmill.

Grazing herd of cows, a man milking a cow.

Map arrow goes from Tilsit to Insterburg, Trakenen, Rominten, Lёttsen, Tannenberg, Mazury.

The river Neman with the courts.

On the shore of the city of Tilsit, views of the city.

The traffic, the town hall, the market square.

The old bridge of Queen Louise, the turret at the end of the bridge, a bas-relief with coat of arms.

The bridge movement of people, carts, cyclists.

Coat of arms of the Republic of Lithuania - a rider with a sword, the sun beneath.

A pointer to the customs.

The customs officer inspects a woman grid papers.

Stud in Trakenene.

The ancient building, at the entrance of the horse sculpture.

Groom the horse shows.

Mileage horse gait.

Grazing herd loshadey.

PNRM. on top of the forest.

Church sculpture deer.

At the coast tied boats, pleasure steamer sails, the yacht.

Fishermen returning at sunset.

Fishing nets from the shore.

Grazing sheep.

PNRM. through the town, farmhouse.

At the coast there is a large wooden cross

Key words

Germany, agriculture, river, city, sights, customs, horses, forest, church, water transport

Reel №4

Map of East Prussia, the city of Danzig (Gdansk), Elbing, Marienburg, Marienwerder.

City of Danzig, PNRM. houses on the waterfront.

With loads of boats overloaded carts.

at Market Square in front of the town hall, there is a trade.

Houses with a German-style architecture.

Street, covered arches.

Via boat goes, comes to the gateway, the winch pulling him onto the platform, standing on the tracks.

People on board look like the boat is transported by land to the channel.

Architectural monuments of the city: the fortress tower, Cathedral, Church of the Virgin Mary - a sample of the brick Gothic.

View of the city from the river.

The memorial column with the date June 28, 1919, a reminder of the world of Versailles after World War I, when Gdansk was granted the status of a free city.

Bridge, on it are passers.

The monument of the XV century - Jura, which combines the city gates, defensive tower and harbor crane.

Townscape, rear hall, view from the bell tower.

Passers-by on the street, hanging flags with a swastika.

On the river float boats, ships.

Port cranes.

Street, Artus courtyard, the fountain of Neptune.

Past the lead group of children.


Western Pomerania, Brandenburg, Landsberg, Frankfurt on the Oder.

City Hall in the city, a monument in front of her, an old cannon in the courtyard.

Market Square

Key words

Germany, city, water transport, attractions

Reel №5

A map of the city of Breslau, Gleiwitz, Ratibor, Hindenburg, Hirschberg, Görlitz, Zittau and others.

City Breslau, PNRM. the city from above, its surroundings, the forest.

Peasant house on the street passing van.

Workshop for artistic glass processing.

Master grinds machined vase.

Male weaver working on a home loom.

The woman shakes her cradle beside the girl in national costume.

Woman pryadёt.

House-Museum of Gerhard Hauptmann playwright and writer and thinker Karl Hauptmann.

Pointer with a bas-relief.

Two young men approach the house.

PNRM. the surroundings, rolling hills, a small waterfall, a river in the mountains.

Rural church and cemetery.

On the trail the tourists go.

Zittau City, square, monument.

The town is surrounded by rolling hills, rocks of various shapes.

A pointer to the town of Bautzen.

PNRM. by regions, city.

The city tower, the building of the city, the market square in front of the town hall.

There is a trade of cabbage and other vegetables.

For women in national costumes counters.

Girls in national costumes and hats walking on the bridge.

Parade in the city, marching soldiers in old uniforms, peasants in national costumes, girls.

PNRM. the city from the river, silhouettes of cathedrals.

Palace, sculptures on the facade, a park, lawns, fountains.

angel sculpture, fountains with sculptures, equestrian monument.

Castle on the shore.

Forest, forest grazing deer, wild boar with cubs

Key words

Germany, city, crafts, attractions, holiday, forest, wild animals

Reel №6

In the city there is a dramatized procession, riding knights on horseback.

On the sidewalks watching the parade of residents.

There is an orchestra in period costume.

On the podium of the officials, the military.

Go girls in white dresses and go to the platform layouts.

Descend twilight view of the river and the bridge.


On the river float ships, tourist boat.

Rocky shores.

On the deck of the tables sit tourists.

Landscapes, PNRM. mountains, city.

The view from the observation deck.

Boat Leipzig, passengers on the deck, hanging from the boat name.

the castle on the mountain view.

In the meadow cows.

Blooming trees.

PNRM. terrain height.

The couple moves to water kayak, waving steamer.

View of the city from the river.

Three tourists go through the woods to the mountains.

They pull climbing equipment, change shoes in the shoes, strapped a rope and climb up the hill.

They are on top.

Rocks of various shapes.

Below them waving girl.

Map, Bavaria.

From Dresden arrow leads to Annaberg, Klingenthal, Vusiedel.

The small town, on the street are the people, a boy with a cart.

The house sits an old woman, knitting Bobbin, vyvyazanny pattern.

PNRM. the city from above.

The plant goes assembly transformers.

On the town square a massive concert, the children play the harmonica.

Quarry, a man with the help of chains placed on the cart granite slabs.

Workshop sculptors, craftsmen sculpt bas-reliefs, sculptures, busts.

A map of the city Wunsiedel, Regensburg, Waldsassen, Straubing, Passau, Braunau and others.

City, street, church, town hall

Key words

Germany, city, holiday, river, tourists, transport, water, mountain climbers, plant, concert, crafts

Reel №7

Sights of the city, old houses with peaked roofs, a large bas-relief plan.

Gothic cathedral, sculpture.

On the streets of the city residents ride bikes, rides a cart with a dream.

The architectural and sculptural monuments.

Street markets, trade vegetables.

Tourist boat goes along the river.

On the shore on a hill you can see the building with the continuous colonnade.

Close-up of the pediment, columns.

The area of ​​the town hall, at the area of ​​the market, buyers go through it, choose vegetables, brooms and other products.

Heap of cabbage on the carts, the woman puts cabbage in a basket.

City Regensburg, top view.

The street with the market, buyers go.

Butcher advertises its sausage from horsemeat.

Workshop for the production of artistic glass vases ready.

Workshop of wood carving master carving of a lion.

Ready eagle, the Virgin and Child.

Wood Factory, carpenters planed wood thin rods for the manufacture of blinds.

Workshop for the production of wooden clogs, a master craftsman.

Master frays in a mortar snuff, try it.

The woman driving the cows on the street.

Farmers threshed grain with flails.

Woman gets out of the oven the bread.

Farmers harvested potatoes in the field, helping children to adults.

A room in a peasant's house, the family around the table.

Grandmother knits a man reads aloud the Bible, a woman is feeding of baby pacifiers.

Women and children go to the cemetery, cross.

Cows grazing in a meadow.

In the forest there is a hunter with a dog.

In the forest, loggers operate, they sawing, cutting trees, pine falls.

Logs driven in carts.

the river from a height of view.

Three tourists ride on the boat, swim in the water lilies.

On the bumpy road car rides, a man out of the car, saw that a flat tire.

On the way there is a cart, a man asks for it, the horse neighs.

A man working in the archive, considering the list with the date 1921.

Shelves with folders.

Work on the construction of the road roller to level asphalt.

Workers are drilled rock, hauling stones, carry them to the trolley, the road poured schebёnku, poured asphalt

Key words

Germany, town, village, sightseeing, trade, craft, factory, agriculture, family farmers, forest, archive, road

Reel №8

PNRM. Passau from the height on both sides of the river.

Bridges over the river.

The streets of the city, the street in the form of stairs.

Hang Nazi flags.

Along the street are men in suits alpine mountaineers.

Parade in the city, go to the peasants, mountaineers.

Cathedral Baroque interior view, altar.

The musician plays the organ.

Icon of Our Lady, praying people.

The city on the banks of the river, the bridge, the guards on the bridge.

Town streets, town hall, old houses, churches.

River in the evening, pours moonlight.

The town in the mountains.

Parade in the city, hanging flags with a swastika.

There is an orchestra, alpine mountaineers in hats with feather, women in national costumes.

Musicians folk brass band.

Columns pass through the city gates.

Rural holiday cows decorate with garlands, ribbons, bells, dressed up the herd goes to the city.

The river ferry sails with people, cows.

On the shore sits a group of young people dressed in national costumes, singing a folk song.

The road to the town.

mountain Landscapes

Key words

Germany, town, village, holiday, attractions, cathedral, musical instruments, orchestra, animals, pets