British naval bases in the Indian Ocean. (1940 - 1949)

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Map of location of bases in Thailand, Malaya, Sumatra, Singapore.

Panorama from the port of Singapore courts.

It is suitable berth ship, a boat are the military and officials.

Admiral ashore.

Opening the dock of King George VI, about what goes plaque.

On the deck of a warship are sailors, we listen to the admiral, clap.

The ruler of Malaya with his wife sitting among the guests of honor.

The squadron in Singapore.

The sailors on the ship-Malays.

Parade of colonial troops in India.

Galloping cavalry, marching soldiers.

Indian army in the desert.

English statesman bypasses operation of Indian soldiers.

The soldiers crossing the river on a raft.

Coastal Battery in Aden, a soldier looking through binoculars at sea.

English bunker gunners load a gun.

Egypt, the arrival of transport with British soldiers in the Suez.

Scottish soldier playing the bagpipes.

Soldiers descend the stairs, marching to the base.

Kenya, the arrival of transport to the soldiers.

Parade of African troops.

Map of Africa and islands in the Indian Ocean.

Port Darwin in Australia, panorama of the city from above.

Streets, Chinatown with benches.

Monument to fallen British pilots.

British soldiers marching in a large room officers sit under a canopy.

Parade of colonial troops in Fiji.

Hong Kong, view of the bay and the city.

Marching British troops.

On hilly terrain riding tanks, soldiers on their way maneuvers.

Military ships and torpedo boats, and go into the raid, launch torpedoes from a boat, from the shore of the bunker guns hit.


Construction works.

Malay women harvested rice, loggers at work, falling trees cut down.

British soldiers are moving through the jungle.

Construction of the fortifications of timber.

Shoot heavy English guns.

Armored vehicles traveling through the jungle, over rough terrain.

British bombers in flight.

The parade of troops to the generals.

Flying the plane on water skis, clears the water torpedo

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