French empire. (1940 - 1949)

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Reel №1

France - a country with a population of 100 million people..

Map of France and its colonies, territories, islands.

Map of North Africa: Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco.


Harbour Algeria, port, city views.

Government House.

Governor Mr.

Ebue? (Ebue Felix was governor-general of North Africa, 1941-1944.).

The machine is accompanied by the governor of equestrian cortege.

Types of white Algeria.

Algeria Port.

Loading platform.

Monument Bujold.

Live bazaar (sale of sheep, chickens).

Orange plantations.

Collection of fruits.

City Oran - the birthplace of the vineyards.

Grape plantation.

Oran - Algeria's second port, where the wine is sent to France and abroad.

Barrels of wine, ready for loading.

Loading barrels.

Construction of the dam.

Technical characteristics of the dam.

City Tugur.

School for natives in Tuguro.

Boys-school children in the school.

On the lesson.

Palm forest

Key words

North Africa, Algeria, port, city, personalities, monuments, agriculture, animal husbandry, dam construction, school

Reel №2



The naval base of the British and French combined fleet.

Warships in the harbor.

View of the port, the city of Tunis from the top.

Attractions Tunis.


City Sfax in eastern Tunisia.

Olive plantation.

The woman behind the plow.


The streets, bazaars, mosques.

Fez - the old imperial city.


Mausoleum of Moulay Idriss.


The cortege of the Sultan.


Residence of the French representative in Rabat.

General French Resident General in Morocco Noghès (1936-1942).

Mausoleum Liote - the first French governor in Morocco.

Old city.



Storks on the old wall.

Modern Morocco.

Streets, houses.

Monument Liote.



Sights of the city.

The streets.

Nat quarter.


Residents of the city.

Port of Casablanca.

Cranes, loading.


Aboriginal village near Marrakech.

The natives.


Entertainment: snake charmer, attractions.

View of the Moroccan land, the village, a caravan of camels

Key words

North Africa, Tunisia, naval, harbor, port, city, attractions, personalities, monuments, natives, entertainment

Reel №3

Map of West Africa.

Travel across the Sahara on a truck.

Check through the oasis in the desert.

On the plane over the mountains.

Black Africa.


The settlements of Africans, their way of life.

Agricultural work, washing in the river, cooking over a campfire.

Women with children who are breast-feeding.


Men dancing, women dancing.

City Niamey?


Man in the cradle is removed from the ship into the boat.

Types Niamey?

Modern city attractions.

Residents in the city streets.

Species native villages and occupation.

Women's hairstyles.

Modern maternity hospital, an orphanage.

Women with children.

Hospital staff bathes the baby in the pelvis.

School for natives.

On the lesson of the French language.

The boy writes chalk on a blackboard.


The victims of the bite of the tsetse fly.

Clinical examination at the exit.



Body check.

Aboriginal family.

Work at the quarry, explosions rock.

Loading stones on the trolley.

Crushing stone.

railway construction planning.


Laying rails

Key words

West Africa, the desert, the Niger, the life of the natives, holiday, dance, city, port, sightseeing, village, natives, children, school, Cameroon, medicine, construction

Reel №4


Catching fish natives.

Boats with fish.

Boat race.


Hospital in Douala.

Wicker bridge.

Woman with a load on her head.

Deforestation valuable species for export.

Crawler Tractor pulling load.

View a wide river.

Rowers in boats.

The natives build their huts.

Children with the natives.

Walling, roofing from plant materials.

National holiday.

Dancing women, girls.

Port of Djibouti.

Arriving by train at the station.

Marsh military.

The island of Madagascar.

View Antananarivo capital.

City streets.

Reunion Island.


A pineapple

Key words

West Africa, Cameroon, the natives, fish, water transport, holiday, industry, forest, river, life, dancing, port, city, Madagascar, Reunion, Agriculture

Reel №5

Map of America.

In America, only 3 of the earth belong to France: French Guiana, Martinique and Guadeloupe French.

And 2 of the island in the Atlantic Ocean south of Newfoundland, Canada: St.

Pierre and Miquelon.

The ship cuts through the waves.

Islands Map: Guadeloupe and Martinique.

on the island of Guadeloupe View.

Banana palm tree.

The work on the plantations.

Export bananas.

Women with loads on their heads in the port.

The capital of Martinique - Fort-de-France.


The mountains.

Work on the sugar cane plantations.


French Guiana.

Capital - the city of Cayenne.

View overlooking the town.

Map of Oceania.

The islands of New Caledonia and others.



Mountain River.


Map of the West Indies. 5 cities under French jurisdiction.



Hanoi city view.

The tram, rickshaw, street.

Hairdresser, artisans.

Flower Kiosk.



Mekong River.


rice fields irrigation system.

Work on the rice fields.

Clinical examination at the exit.

Body check.

Feast and dance natives

Key words

Guadeloupe, Martinique, agriculture, town, volcano, New Caledonia, French Guiana, waterfall, river, Indochina, bazaar, crafts, dam, medicine, holiday, natives

Reel №6



A huge fish on a pole.



View of the city of Damascus with the aircraft.

Mountain River.


Construction of the railway.

Women wear the stones.

View on the city of Beirut.

Modern city street.

The arrival of the motorcade Gabriel Pyuo - the representative of France in Morocco (1943-1946).

Library, school, university, hospital, medical school.

Port of Beirut.




Those natives.

All kinds of troops.


Aircraft in the sky.

Extols the power of France

Key words

Indochina, fish, fishing, Syria, the city, the river, pervsonalii, library, school, university, hospital, transportation, water, troops parade