French women of tomorrow. (1943)

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Director: Bernar Zh.K. Bernard J.C

Reel №1

A day in the life of one of the most modern women's professional schools of France.

Kind of mountainous terrain.

Rural area in the district of Grenoble, a small town around a royal fortress, castle, linked with the history of the French Revolution.

school fence.

Caption State Vocational School for Girls (Ecole nationale professionnelle de jeunes filles).

Go out with girls sports clothing with skis on their shoulders.

Headmistress teacher takes on a new job, tells about the school (opened in 1934).

Type of school buildings, educational buildings, medical building, hallways, classrooms.

Transformer room.

Providing schools with electricity.

One a get out of school life. 7.00. Call.


The girls run to the bathroom.

They this 7 minutes.

As the bell out of the bedroom, go to the locker room, clean shoes, go to school systems.

Geography lesson.

Chemistry lesson.

Chemical experiments.

Physics lesson.

Archimedes' Law.

Lesson infant care.

Bathing, dressing, feeding the baby.

Change the diaper.

Lesson washing.

Women wash clothes in basins.

Education Service.

Girls in the kitchen.

Prepare a meal.

Girls for-dining.

Dine, as if they were in a restaurant

Key words

France, 1940, vocational education, students

Reel №2

Girls in the dining room.

Regular lunch.

Cook says the headmistress menu.

Waitresses carry about lunch.

Girls in the yard, walking outdoors.


All classes run in.

Lesson shorthand.

Drawing lesson.

Girls paint from nature.

Draw with pencils and paints.

Lesson sewing.

Task: make individual dress.

dance lessons.

Physical Education Lesson: Girl on the street gymnastics.

On the balance beam.

GPP Training in the gym.

Outdoors: exercises on the horizontal bar, parallel bars, jumping goat.

Running 100 meters.

Building on the field, the alignment on the force.

Motto and slogans each unit.

With the song are on the field.

Again, built on the orders.

Ran into the body

Key words

France, 1940, vocational education, students