Antic land or a new world (Shabbat). (1940 - 1949)

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Director: Braun Zhozef. Braun Bassi. Braun Joseph. Braun Bassie

Operators: Braun Zhozef. Braun Bassi. Braun Joseph. Braun Bassie


A film about Palestine, the development of its lands. Jewish land - Palestine. Type of terrain: plains, fields, horse-drawn plow. Well-groomed plantations. Trees. Flowering herbs. Land Development: building houses, building, business, construction materials. The new settlement (kibbutz). Life of the kibbutz. Young children in the pots. Children on the street dance in a circle under the care of two women. Children's faces. Children on the stairs (a playground). Many pairs of shoes. Three babies in a crib. Children pat lamb. Figures from clay. Teens on garden work: mowing, weeding, watering. Children watering the garden of a watering can. Elderly woman broom sweeps the yard. Those peasants. A man reads a book in the courtyard. Another busy mending h-l. Lesson on the street. Teens reading at a table on the street. Teacher He explains something. Carts pulled by horses, driven by men in the field. The development of the land. Manual work: mowing, weeding. Harvester. Stacking. Flock of sheep, herd of cows out to pasture. Upon returning they chased through the water. Foal sucks mare. Lamb is playing with the kid, which found Teasing branch with leaves. Men cut their skin with the sheep. Woman milking a sheep, a man milking a sheep. Cows in the barn. Hand milking. Drain a can of milk. Handling cans in the car. Bakery, baking bread, the bread. Launder clothes drying on the ropes. Wind rustles lingerie. Creek. Tents. Factory home. Weaving Factory. Various machines and equipment, machinery

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Key words

Palestine, agriculture, Jews, housing, peasants

Reel №2

Key words

Palestine, the Jews, the city, attractions, monastery, church, temple, mosque

Reel №3

Those Jews.

Fresh bread.

Children eat bread.

Those children.

Those men.

The town of Safed on the coast.

Stone steps on a city street.





The port city of Jaffa.

Collect oranges.

Orange plantations.

Packing in boxes of oranges.

The modern city of Tel Aviv.

Types of city: streets, transport, buildings, people.

Signboard: Beauty.


Sabbath is strictly observed by all, not even the Jews.

Deserted city.

Closed shops.


Flock of sheep herded from pasture.

Farmers go to rest.

Saturday, the beach of Tel Aviv.


People, families and youth.


Old people are going to gatherings.

Dad with a baby in her arms.

The man lies on a tree, reading a newspaper.

People lie on the grass.

Afternoon rest.

Young people organize dances.

Sing and dance in the dance.

The city of Haifa.

Reconstruction of the theater.




Haifa - the first Palestinian port.



Sculpture of a lion - a monument to independence, erected in 1914, when the Jews fought against the Turks.

Printing house.




Tractor tractor.


Old man's face.


Boy sickle reaps.

Those young

Key words

Palestine, the Jews, the city, attractions, agriculture, synagogue