The forces at the stadium. (1940 - 1949)

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Director: Marten Marselj. Martin Marcel

Operators: Zhulen Lyusjen. Joulin Lucien. Pekkyo Moris. Pecqueux Maurice

Reel №1




The wind shakes the treetops.

Herd of cows returning from pasture.

Boy shepherd chases their branch.

Village View: home, church.

Man weeding the garden.

Many young people leave the village to the city.


Pedestrians, cyclists on the street.

Family with baby in her arms.

Everyone goes toward the plant.

At the entrance Dad kisses baby and waving.

Factory pipe.


The factory floor.

Workers and working mechanisms.

Women in white coats at the table something to write.

Light does not penetrate to the bureau.

At the break they go out into the fresh air and take a sunbath.

Women face is matched to the sun.

Children run out of the school yard.


Children swinging on a swing, climb ladders, play with toys on the street.


The workers come from the factory, riding on bicycles.

Evening Activities: men playing cards, smoking.

Youth meets walks.

A couple sitting on the grass.

A lone fisherman with a fishing rod on the river, falls asleep.

Someone working in the garden.

A man digs the ground with a shovel.


Caption Preventorium.

The gate opens.

Jean Bouin Stadium (Jean Bouin).

Schoolchildren lead here to run.

Classes of children with physical education teachers (coaches).

Girl exercising in catching the ball.


Children pulling a rope.

Teens climb the ropes at speed.

Man boxing pear.

Man with a rope.

Men warm up.

Boxing sparring.


Relay race.

Water Club.


Children run Cyclists on cycle track.

Soccer game.

The attendance spectators.

Index: stadium 24 km.

Going in the direction of men.

Theoretical lessons with a coach.

Medical examination: auscultation, weighing.

Warming up with the ball in the street.

Classes in the gym and on the street

Key words

France, village, agriculture, town, factory, workers, sports, stadium, children

Reel №2


Physical education classes on the street.

High jump.


Workers at work.

After work, doing exercises on the street.

Pouring out of the hose on the street.


Work for the machine.

Climbing wall with a rope.

Athlete in a canoe.

forward inclination.

The butcher cuts the meat from the carcass.

The cook prepares in a huge cauldron.


subway employee.

After the service is running in the stadium.

Electricians in the studio.

After work, playing football.

Women for sedentary drudgery.

After work, stretch the muscles in the stadium, gymnastics, throw the ball in the basket.

Typing pool.

Women for cars.

After work, swim in the pool.

Women go to work.

In the pool.

On the stadium.

Young people involved in gymnastics, sports.

Exercises: crawling on their bellies, climbing wall with rope.

Story of young people.

Exercise in the stadium.

Productivity depends on the physical condition of the workers.

Stadium - is the power of the nation

Key words

France, sports, work, factory, employees, stadium