We in France. (1940 - 1949)

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Director: Bernar Zh.K. Bernard J.C

Operators: Teri Moris. Thery Maurice

Reel №1

About the Department of Pyrenees-Orientales in the Languedoc-Roussillon province.

The mountains.

Cerdanya - the area in the Eastern Pyrenees, partially covering the territory of France and Spain.

French border in the eastern Pyrenees.

Demarcation bars.

Mountain road.

Clearing snow on the mountain road, men with shovels throwing snow.

Skiers come back from a walk.

One of the highest villages in France.


Mountain road.

The tower on the border with Spain.

Borough Kes (Ques).

Mountain winter peyzazhiSerdani.

Travel Advisory: Mr.

Bourg-Madame (Bourg-Madame) to Spain 4 km of the border.

Border Bourg-Madame - the capital of the French part.

Fasting French customs.

Customs officers.

The railway barrier on the move.

View of the city Pyuigserda (Puygcerda) - the capital of the Spanish part.

The barrier at the border.

A pointer to the Spanish city of Llivia.

Pending the Spanish customs.

The small town of Llivia was among 23 Spanish French villages.


Peasant rides on a cart pulled by a horse.

Bulls-drawn plows are standing in the field waiting for the work.

Police on the streets of the town.

The farmer, drove the cows home.

Travel Advisory: Chaos de Targasonne.


The plains in the mountains.

Road to Fonromё (Font-Romeu).

Plowed fields, gardens.

View of the town Fonromё.

Pine forest.

The town of Mont-Louis (Mont Louis).

View of the countryside.

Grazing flock of sheep.

The town of Villefranche de Conflent (Villefranche de Conflent).

Cteny city, strengthening, bridge, arch.

Mountain scenery Roussillon province.

The village of Vernet les Bains.

View of the village.

Mountain scenery.

Farmer with a horse comes out of the woods.

Ancient castle fortress on a rock hidden in the mountains

Key words

France, Spain, border, customs, mountain, village, agriculture

Reel №2

About the Department of Pyrenees-Orientales in the Languedoc-Roussillon province.

Tesh valley stretches to the west of Sulphur to Amelie-les-Bains.

Village View.

The town of Amélie-les-Bains / Amelie les Bains /.

Mountain valley with a river at the bottom.


Huge old trees.

View of the town from the mountains.

Mountain scenery.

Arles-sur-Tesch, where Benedictine abbey was founded in the year 900.

Mountains covered with forest.


Roussillon Musicians.

Men in national costumes played on folk instruments.

Women in a cap.

Mules, decorated blankets.

Girls in national costumes perform folk dance Catalan.


Mediterranean Sea.


The mountains

Key words

France, Spain, border, mountains, music, dancing and attractions

Reel №3

About the Department of Pyrenees-Orientales in the Languedoc-Roussillon province.

The Mediterranean coast.

Rocks, mountains.

French customs post on the border with Spain.

View of the coastal city, mountain and sea views.




View of the seaside town of Port-Vendres / Port Vendre /.

Perrinyan - an important transport hub.

It ships leave in the direction of Algeria, the Balearic Island and others.

Barrels and sacks in the port ready for loading.

View of the small port city of Collioure / Collioure /.

Medieval towers, walls, buildings.

Women for mending fishing nets.

Boats, nets, fishing gear, longboats.

Fishermen, baskets of fish and seafood.

View of the coast

Key words

France, Spain, the border, the Mediterranean Sea, the port, ship, fishing, sightseeing