A resurgent ground. (1942)

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Director: Benett Zherar. Bennett Gerard

Operators: Rishar Moris. Richard Maurice. Grono Zheo. Grono Geo

Reel №1



Sign: Bureau of Employment.

Unemployed men at the door, on the street, a man sitting alone by the pond.

Everyone wants to get a job.

But in the city there is no work, no one is hired.

The call to return to earth.


The farmer sows the land.


Signs: Bank GOLBERG Lazarus and Levi, Nathan Kahn, Solomon and K. Blum and his sons, the Bank Dreyfus and K ..

The author speaks of speculation in the wheat market scams and others.

C / x areas.

Respectable men at dinner, a toast.

Candidate from campaigning politicians.

Headlines: The engineer a lot of trouble !.

Appeal to the prosecutor of the Republic, the gendarmes: Answer, Mr.

Cohen !.

Chart: level with the / x in European mills in the figures.

France has the lowest rate at the beautiful fertile land.

The matter of national policy.


Destroyed houses.

Empty houses, streets, villages.

All left the village.

Sale of houses and materials.

Figures for raw land in France.

Farmers work the land: to weed out the roots.

Port: loading bags.


Goes freight train.

History: as people were leaving the village, went to the city.

Those old people who remain in the village.

Grandmother with a sickle, the grandfather of the plow.

The newspaper Paris Soir:.

France will make this year, 90 million quintals of wheat, will consume only 70 million.

What to do with a difference ?.


Footage of hungry and malnourished children. 1 World War II.

The order to mobilize the September 3, 1939 war.

Seeing men in the war.

Footage of World War Chronicles

Key words

France, World War 1, unemployment, agriculture, village, town, bank

Reel №2


After the war.


The resort town, promenade, beach, vacationers.

A man in a bathing suit sitting in a deck chair and reading a newspaper.


Warship on the go.


Sinking ship.


France has blocked access to the sea, which prevents its import.

And their production is not enough.

Set the table.

On a plate sausage, cut into slices, other foods.

Bundles of asparagus, bottled wine, grapes, bread, wine - that France could export to Europe.

And import agricultural, household, office equipment and mechanisms: a man with a pipe considers booklet.


Collect oranges and others.

S / s work.


Bank building.

France needs the credits.

Money banknotes (Franks).

The announcer talks about methods to improve the health of French production.


The farmer behind a plow plowing the earth, a woman milking a cow.

Shepherd and flock of sheep.

Laboratory quality control of dairy products.

Laboratory assistant takes samples from the milk.

Breeders with wheat.

Women working in the fields with pitchforks.

Collection Colorado beetles from potatoes.

Building with / x cooperatives.

Working harvester.

Tractor with a harrow.

The newspaper, which refers to the control of prices.

Land consolidation scheme.

The architect creates a blueprint and model village area.

Village houses, front gardens, vegetable gardens.


Goat butting with sheep.


A woman bathes the child in the tub in the garden.


LEP. Factory production of canned mechanisms.

French canned in stock.

The peasants haymaking, harvested bundles of hay, milking cows, the woman at the well.

Harrow field return with hay.

The wagons with hay.

Wheat field.

Youth gathering sheaves in the field.

They belong to the future

Key words

France, agriculture, village, town