Fishing in the Mediterranean. (1942)

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Director: Minyor Zhan. Mineur Jean

Operators: Petio Marselj. Petiot Marcel. Yudlo Zhan. Hudelot Jean

Reel №1


City-port Network.

View on boats.

Two fishermen fishing rods from the boat.

Knotted conversation.

A map of Europe.

The Mediterranean coast: geographic characteristics.

Fishing vessels laid up in the port of Sète.

Fishing boat in the sea.

Network descent into the sea at full speed boat.

Various mechanisms on board: ropes and fishing gear.

Network with small fish.

Different species of fish caught.


Catching a big fish with two boats - exclusive fishing.

Huge sturgeon.

Port in Marseille.

The ship in the sea.

Pulling network.

Production: sea snakes, stars, octopus, lots of grass and small fish.

Lobsters, octopus in a boat.

Boat station.

Fishing for bait.

Prepare a basket with the bait of small fish.

A fisherman in a boat, rowing oars, discharged into the sea with bait basket.

Twenty-four hours take out the trash.

The contents of the basket in the boat: lots of crabs, octopus.

A fisherman cuts the throat of an octopus

Key words

France, 1940, fishing, fish, fishermen

Reel №2


Fisherman preparing the bait: skewer a worm on a long rope hooks.

Boats in the sea.

A fisherman pulls a rope from the water - the fish on hooks.

Several fishermen pulled from the water a huge fish.

Fishermen with fishing rods on the waterfront.

Fisherman caught a fish in the net.

Fisherman catches a fish with a long stick with a fork at the end.

The diver, mask, snorkel for breathing, nose clip.

Folding harpoon up to 7 m.


Swimmer in the sea with a harpoon.

Underwater: Fish, a huge octopus, moray.

Shot: harpoon tip penetrates through the ramp, as with other fish.

Fishermen Provence.


Draw out the network: small fish.

Baskets of small fish.


Fishermen mending net.

In the sea.

Night fishing.

Lots of fish, boat full.

Loads in the basket.

Horizontal fishing.

The network is abandoned and remains on the surface.

The catch in baskets driven in a cart on the street

Key words

France, 1940, fish, fishermen, fishing