Types of large cities. (1930 - 1939)

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Species film about Berlin.

Berlin street, the traffic, traffic controller at a crossroads.

Postmen get the newspaper, sit on the bike and go to the addresses.

Goes van with cans of milk from the "Bolle" firm, its emblem, funny man.

Jagger with a large packet comes in the door.

The driver of the van dairy rings the bell to alert the arrival.

Boy and girl carries cans.

The servants with the liter mug is coming to the van, she poured milk.

Two horse driven cart with barrels.

The postman rings the doorbell, gives a letter and parcel.

People go down the street, a man with a briefcase.

Woman photographer on street offers tour bus photographed


Flower rynochek outside, fat woman chooses flowers, a nun at the counter.

It drives a double-decker bus.

Brass band.

Vegetable market, buyers and sellers.

Ragman with a lamp, a shoe.

In the yard playing the organ grinder in black glasses.

Shining shoes, to him sits a young woman, cleans shoes.

A cyclist passes by the collapse of the book, select Book.

The kiosks selling newspapers and postcards, cigarette tent.

The flow of cars, passers-by.

Trader newspapers sitting by the wall reading.

A man carries on his shoulder a huge chest.

Street vendors offer goods to passers-by newspapers, are between machines


Bahnhof Zoo Station, Athens.

Fat woman eating a muffin and drank coffee.

Opens cafes, open-air tables.

Men from the parapet watching fishermen with fishing rods.

On the river floats a man on a makeshift raft with the steering wheel.

Boats, boat.

Street cleaning.

Walking with a bored crew cab driver, cab two talk.

The crew goes without passengers.

The traffic controller at an intersection, the traffic.

Seller sausages.

Merchant drags his tent with cigarettes to a new location.

Evening in the city.

Street vending tray with biscuits, pretzels.

Night Berlin, multiple light advertising

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