Hollywood, which you've never seen. (1934)

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Director: Gerbert Muljton (Herbert Moulton)

Reel №1

Illuminated advertising the movie "Cleopatra" director Cecil DeMille.

The audience at the cinema, in the hall.

On the screen there is a mark of the studio, "Paramount", the movie "Cleopatra" begins.

Flashed calendar sheets with dates of 1934.

View from the plane on a Hollywood studio, the set.

The story of the filming.

Girl typing recent amendments to the scenario of "Cleopatra."

Assistant set of actors considers photography, working designers, decorators, artists, tailors.

Film set, on the back of a chair the name of the director - Cecil DeMille.

He holds a special priborchik, by which it can immediately see the scene as it will appear on the screen.

The scene in the Senate, the director commands to start shooting.

The scene in the boudoir of Cleopatra, women wash and dress the queen, servants included, carry chests with gifts.

The director makes comments on the course of the story, requires a strong emotion of extras.

Cecil DeMille in his office holding a meeting with the decorators, examines made for filming their swords and shields.

The scene of sword fighting.

Announcement on the shield of 21 April 1934, the challenge actors to film, at the beginning of the list of Claudette Colbert and Warren William.

DeMille talks about shooting one of the most difficult scenes: Mark Antony in Cleopatra's palace.

A scene with a kiss.

Dancing girls.

Scene set in a big way.

Flashed date, go shooting different scenes.

Music department, there is a rehearsal of the orchestra.

DeMille talks to assistant music.

Composer makes changes to the music under the image.

The process of dubbing the film.

The scene of triumph, arranged by Mark Antony on his return to Rome.

Director completes the story of thanks to the people who worked to reproduce the incredible story of love, which for two thousand years.

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USA, 1934, film, crew, personalities, recording artists, music, orchestra