Gloom times (1942)

Footage №67009, 1 part, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Verdje Rozhe. Verdier Roger

Reel №1

Speleological film shot in the cave of Lascaux (Dordogne, France).

In 1940, a group of guys opened the cave of Lascaux / grotte de Lascaux / France.

She earned its fame thanks to the drawings, suffered by people on the walls of about 17 thousand.

Years ago.

There are painted horses, bulls, deer and others.

This allowed some of the most famous early Paleolithic art.


View of the city of Montignac / Montignac /, in the valley of the Weser / vallee de la Vezere /.

School in Montignak.

Students / boys / history class, the teacher says.

The boy draws at the desk.

His teacher asks a pupil is difficult to answer.

The teacher asks him to write a sentence 50 times a phrase Je ne connais rien a l`histoire de l`homme des cavernes / I do not know anything of the history of the cave man /.

The boy says, but when they are engaged for the friends and the street name, he throws and runs with them for a walk.

The guys in the woods eating berries from a bush, climb hills.

Find a grotto, penetrate into it, examined it.

A narrow passage, go with a lighted match.

The other boy goes with a candle, and the third with a lantern.

We saw on the wall of the animal pattern, such as bison.

Lead teachers in a grotto.

The joint tour.

The teacher treats wall paintings by lantern light.

Other caves of the Dordogne, indicating the activity of primitive man.

Cave paintings: bulls, cows, deer.

Analysis of figures: what is meant by that or other painted animals.

Numerous drawings of animals, prehistoric and fantasy

Key words

France, 1940, archeology, cave, children, school, art

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