Bullfight in the US. (1930 - 1939)

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Reel №1


Bull in the stadium.


Matador fighting a bull.

Survey repeat in slow motion.

Bull floods matador.

The second matador comes to the rescue.

The school, which trained matadors.

People at the wooden gate of the school.

Headmaster -Proskuello (who was a famous matador at the time).

Pupils work out the methods of ownership of a matador cape.

Proskuello himself.

Little boy apprentice matador with cape (fulfills reception).

A man with a bull's horns hoax performs reception attacks on the matador.

Mexican farm Madrassi brothers.

Bulls on a farm.

Bulls fattened special food and are divided into groups of 6 (bullfighting).

Cowboy on a horse grazes in the meadows of bulls.

Bulls chase in special boxes and sent to Mexico.

Bulls fight among themselves.

A crowd of people watching bullfights.

Place your bets.

Matador draw lots before the battle (who with which the bull will join the fray).

Matador clothed in equipment: zamatyvayut belt puts on a special hat, suit, embroidered with gold.

Matador, as a rule, are very religious.

Before the battle, they go to church to pray.

Matador before the image of the Virgin Mary.

Bulls go on the battlefield.

Cowboys on horseback.

Matador greet spectators.

In the ring the bull runs.

Starting a fight.

In the ring are two matador and bull.

Bull picks up and throws one of the matadors.

Matador pretends to be dead, if he wants to stay alive.

Other matadors come to the rescue

Key words

bulls, sports, matador