Fiery Sands. (1932)

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Director: Esm Zhan d`. Esme Jean d`

Operators: Lalje Zhan. Lalier Jean

Reel №1

A documentary film about the group traveling in a car with a trailer for French Equatorial Africa.

The group leaves from Algeria and follows south through the desert to Laghouat / Laghouat /.

Laghouat - village with one-story white houses.


Further the way lies from Laghouat in Tilremt / Tilremt /.

Ancient fortress - the citadel.

Car Repair.

The path continues from Tilremta in Ghardayya / Ghardaia /.

A view of the white village home, a minaret, a narrow street, children, home.



Traders and types of local residents.

From Ghardayya car rides in El Golay / El Golea /.

A ruined citadel in El Golay, modern town, trees, the Catholic Church, a military post, a swimming pool.

From El Golay travel to Fort Miribel / Fort-Miribel /.

Fill the machine.

Next, go to the In Salah / In-Salah /.

Vehicle with trailer stuck in the sand, it is pushed.

Signboard: Bujold Camp / Camp Bugeaud /.

Local people: women, children.

Leisure travelers and dinner in the desert.

From In Salah journey continues in Arak / Arak /.

Of Arak travel to Tamanrasset / Tamanrasset /.

High grass.

Arab woman.

Tamanrasset to view.

Swimming in the pool.

Then the car goes in the mountains in Tegidda CH Tessum / Teguidda N`Tessum /.

Sands of the desert.

The car got stuck in the sand

Key words

Algeria, desert, cars, travel, Oasis

Reel №2

A documentary film about the group traveling in a car with a trailer for French Equatorial Africa.

Exemption machines of sand under the scorching sun.

Set of water.

Group of ostriches running away.

Meeting with the local population: men.

Next, the path lies in Agadez / Agadez /.

town Activities: at home, the women of the profession, women at work, with children.

The organization of the caravan: loading things on camels.

Caravan hits the road from Agadez to Bilma through the desert.


Preparation of bed in the pit / breaks in the sand pit /.

Lunch canned among the sands.

The path continues.

The journey takes place on the same route

Key words

Africa, desert, caravan, car, travel