China fights back (1937)

Documentary №67050, 2 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized

Reel №1

Caption: Japan's territory is too small.

Tacana plan calls for expansion of the boundaries at the expense of China's accession, province by province.

But the Chinese people showed their unity, the army called on all sectors of society with the sole aim: to banish the invader.

Radio news report on China's bombing.

Headlines: Japan mobilized for war with China, China opposes Japanese requirements Invaders bombed Shanghai.

Running news line.

Chronicle: the corpses of people on the streets.

Emperor Hirohito of Japan on horseback inspecting the troops.

Military actions of the Japanese army.


The Chinese population leaves the village.

People walk, ride on carts, carry belongings.

Japanese troops.

Japanese aircraft in the sky.

Burning house.

Crowds of people fleeing in panic, stampede.

The troops in the city.

The injured children.

Chinese sailors /? /.

The bodies of people in the streets.



Moving troops in a sleigh on the ice.

the alleged seizure of Map of China, province by province.

Patriots rallied around China Chiang Kai-Ticket / Tchang Kai-Tchek /.

The People's Army of China is organized, trained, trained, gaining momentum.

Train cavalry.

The horse falls, jerks, dies.

Sports activities.


Doctors at the exit vaccinations.

Mao Tse-Tung, chairman of a special administrative district / region / and Chu Te - Army Commander - inspect the work of the University.

As students enter regular training to local patrols and participated in military maneuvers

Key words

China, 1930, war maneuvers, Japan, the personalities, the troops

Reel №2

Chinese soldiers are on the road, engaged in the class, dinner, rest.

Leisure Hours.

The villagers / peasants / soldiers to help: a woman mending clothes, bakes cakes.

Board games and active soldiers.

In the evening, the soldiers sing songs about the homeland.

The work of the Chinese peasant.

Chronicle of hostilities.

Soldiers, peasants, children.

Boats on the river.

Crossing the river.

Women at their machines.

Children are engaged in agricultural work.


Boatmen pull the ship.

Singing soldiers.

Climbing on a mountain signal.

Morning toilet, breakfast, cleaning, parting with the peasants, the administration of the road.

Prepare for battle.

Lesson positions.

The people at the mass rally.

Mao Tse-Tung, Sun Yat-sen - the first president of China, Chiang Kai-Chek.

The People's Army of China, parade of troops and military equipment, aircraft

Key words

China, 1930, war, soldiers, peasants and personalities, rally

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