Viking trail. (1939)

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Operators: Dzhek Kyun

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Ethnographic film about northern Norway.

Excursion on the ship "Stella Polaris" the fjords of northern Norway.

On the bow of the steamer are three people visiting the rocky shores, waterfalls, running from the cliffs to the sea.

Passengers sit on the deck in the sun beds, wrapped in a coat.

The view from the sea on the coast and the city of Hammerfest.

Top view of the harbor, ships from the shore.

Passengers are ferried to shore by boat.

Tourists look at the glaciers, photographed them.

Four climbers go to the mountains, go along the coast in the snow, with cords rope.

They jump over crevasses, making their way in snow mountains.

When they reached the top, they overlook the countryside.

Lapps village, near the tents are locals in national costume.

Women collect things in bales, bear them behind his back, go with children in their arms, one of the women carries behind a cradle with a baby.

Men posing for the camera wearing national clothes and hats made of fur.

The main occupation of the Lapps - herding.

He runs a herd of deer.

City of Bergen, the port and city views.


Old houses, the area of ​​the market.

At the coast there are a variety of ships, yachts.

Sailboats glide across the water.

Mountain river rushes its waters on the stone thresholds, waterfall on the river.

Stream rushing through a gorge close.

Farms in the valleys.

In the meadow sheep graze.

Farmers of hay.

Men mow the grass, collect it with a rake.

Hayfield is in full swing.

Women help in cleaning.

Hay on the carts are sent to the farm.

Peasant Wedding.

Wedding procession on carts.

Go-dressed girls and boys.

The sail boat decorated with the guests from afar.

People go for the violinist to the meadow, there is dancing begin.

Old people look at young people dancing.

Training ship before going to sea.

The sailors climb on reyam, lowered the sail.

Several people twist the winch, lifting anchor.

At the helm, two cadet.

Young students on the deck learn to knit knots.

The ship goes to sea.

Key words

Norway 1939, travel, passenger fleet, fjords, waterfalls, tourists, glaciers, mountain climbing, ethnography, herding, pets, architecture, port, river, agriculture, training ship