Holidays with the speed of a windmill. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Kurt Vesse (Kurt Wesse)

Reel №1

Advertising film Reichsbahn Office with the participation of actors.

In the room at the table sits the company of men and women, they drink wine and listen to the game Girl on the piano.

At the table there is a conversation about where to spend their vacation.

Man shares his memories of the 14 days spent on the Rhine.

Panorama of the Rhine with expanses of fields and mountains.

A view of the ancient castle on the mountain top Rolandsburg.

People sit at tables on the terrace, listening to the two musicians playing the violin and accordion.

Two girls look at the city from the ramparts.

A street in the city Toendorf.

Tourists sitting in the garden, drinking wine on the banks of sunbeds.

The conversation at the table continues.

We are talking about a holiday house of railwaymen in elgersburg on the border of the Thuringian Forest between the towns of Ilmenau and Arnstadt.

Ancient houses in the city tower.

Local landscapes with fields.

The fortress on the hill, with its heights overlooking the forest expanses.

In Thuringia Heydesshtayg to visit, a place where you can relax on horseback.

Winter sports are developed in Oberhof.

At the table, a young man says to Bochum city views.

Holidaymakers on the beach in the sun loungers, people sunbathe.

The Zugspitze mountain, the view from it.

At the table, proposed a toast to the Bavarian mountains, which apart from the competition.

The room comes elderly couple, joined the company.

The conversation comes to Nordsee.

Cruise Ship Floats.

Key words

Germany, 1930, travel, mountains, Rhine, architecture, pets, sports, sea, beach, tourists

Reel №2

Nordsee, near the shore fishing boats, fishermen take out the catch.

The restaurant in the city, people are sitting at the tables.

Holidaymakers on the beach, in the sand are cabins.

On the waterfront stroll families.

A street photographer takes a group of tourists near the yacht.

Children play in the sand, a woman leads the child into the water.

At the table Bavarian advised to come to Berlin.

Scharmützelsee near Berlin, on the lake are sailing boats and yachts.

Near the resort vacationers.

View Loygolm Castle.

Medical sources in Hidessene.

City Detmold - the former residence of the princes.

The castle and the park.

Monument Johannes Brahms, the theater building.

Borough Toytoburgervald, sculptural monument to the soldiers, the inscription: German Desheruska.

Esternshtayne mountains, gorges, wildlife. 13 large rocks, where the places of worship of the XI century Germany.

The conversation at the table a man offers to visit Hannoversch Munden.

Houses that survived the 30-year war.

The round tower in the park, river views.

City Oldenburg, half-timbered houses.

Pools in Dyumerzee people splashing in the water, the children slide down the hill.

Key words

Germany, 1930, travel, sightseeing, fishing, restaurant, beach, photographer, children, health centers, parks, architecture, monuments, theater, mountains

Reel №3

Bayern, old town, the castle.

View of the mountains in the snow.

Rizengebirge, the ruins of an ancient fortress.

Dam in Grunhkogele, man looking at her site.

Norwegian Church, transported to the city.

Powered woodcarver.

Sanatorium in the town of Schmiedeberg, vacationers stroll, sit in the gazebo.

The dining room in the recreation building house railway workers.

Panorama of the countryside.

Shneykoppe - snowy mountain.

Tourists walk through the woods.

The room now comes one more man.

He talks about the resort areas.

Sanatorium in Bad Ems, vacationers in the pump-room.

Top view of the river and city.

There has always rested Kaiser Wilhelm.

The courses are held sanatoriums treating respiratory and digestive, bathing in warm springs.

City Karlshafen, people go out of the resort.

Traveling on the tourist boat on the river Weser.

On the mountain can be seen the ruins of the fortress near the Harz.

Young couple at the table planning their honeymoon.

Key words

Germany, 1930, puteshstviya, landmarks, mountains, ruins, dam, churches, resorts, tourists, medicine

Reel №4

The road in the woods leads to the Brocken, which is the largest mountain in Germany.

As the stones are tourists.

On the mountain road train rides, types of terrain with movement.

Wernigerode, in the Gothic style building, the castle on the hill.

Antique cannon on the ramparts.

The view from the tower on the terrain.

From here you can get to Hadental.

The shepherds lead a herd of cows, peasant hozystvo.

Mittelgebirge The place is suitable for winter sports.

Skiers go in the winter forest.

The ruins of the destroyed monastery Fasten, arched gallery.

Reservoir Lautenberg.

Destinations in East Prussia Königsberg Zonnek, pension in Raushene.

Resting on the sandy beach near the sea, women bathe children.

The cable car to the beach.

The company is now at the table says Saar.

The man complains that the Saar is associated only with the industry, while there are many places for recreation.

Panorama of countryside with valleys.

Moselle, where the two rivers merge.

Sanatorium in Harshberge.

At the resort has its own model farm, cows and horses, woman fed turkeys, pigs.

View of the promenade, walk people, fishermen at the shore.

City Mettlach, view of the Gothic cathedral.

On top there is a panoramic view on the countryside with a river, woods.

At the table, proposed a toast to the German railways.

Key words

Germany, 1930, travel, resorts, architecture, mountains, tourists, fortress, agriculture, sports, beach, lift, pets allowed