Welding track. (1930 - 1939)

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Operators: Franc Klejn (Franz Klein)

Reel №1

Educational film Reichsbahn.

Welding unsuitable rails using the welding machine for elimination of defects and further intended use.

Checking hand rails and their delivery to the factory.

Of these rails defective good pieces cut and welded together.

Work on the machine cuts pieces of rails, pre-burning tips.

Then the ends are cut at an angle of 20 degrees, to grind the junction is inserted into the machine and the welding machine.

Showing the work of the welding machine without a protective hood.

After welding the joints treated with an air chisel.

Check the rail pattern.

Drilling new holes in the rail.

rails strength test.

Key words

Germany, 1930, the railroad, repairs, welding

Reel №2

Welding of old and defective rails.

Work examines the rails, said defective locations.

The rails are lifted by a crane, mounted on the trolley.

The machine cut pieces of damaged rails, grind the junction.

Pieces of the rails inserted into the welding machine, enclosed protective cap.

The relay includes a self-machine.

There is a processing welded rails with an air press seams stripped.

Simultaneously with the drilling of holes in the rails, they are put into place.

Checking device for joints.

Key words

Germany, 1930, railroad repairs

Reel №3

Conducting repair work on the track itself.

Workers mark defects on the rails and hollow them.

Hollowed place podplavlyayut metal and processed with the help of gas-welding machine and hand hammer.

Then the surface leveled special hammer.

Welding is carried out not only in the studio, but also directly on the railway bed.

spot welding the metal is poured and processed.

The rail is put in place.

Past workers passing train.

The rail is ready for use again.

Key words

Germany, 1930, railroad repairs