Weser renaissance. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Klarissa Patriks (Clarissa Patrix)

Operators: V. R. Lach (W.R. Lach)

Reel №1

Quarry on the banks of the Weser.

Workers cut down boulders of sandstone, the crane carries the plate.

The workers drive a wedge in a block to split it.

sandstone processing factory.

Architectural monuments of the Renaissance sandstone.

Frederiksberg Palace in Denmark in the Italian Baroque style, which is located on the island of Zealand in the town of Hillerød in 30-4- km from Copenhagen.

Kronborg Castle of Hamlet or the castle near the town of Elsinore.

Royal Palace of yellow sandstone Weser in Amsterdam.

Young couple of tourists arriving by train to the city of Hann.

Münden with its foldable kayaks, to begin the journey down the river.

Tourists visiting the city with its old half-timbered streets.

The building of the town hall of the XVII century with an abundance of sculptural ornaments on the facade and columns, curls on the gables, stucco and gilding.

A street with old houses with tiled roofs, the children running down the street.

Tourists pass through the wooden bridge, which bears the dam on the river.

Couple collects their kayaks and descends into the water.

A view of the river and surroundings from above.

At the shore in a meadow cows, standing haystack.

Kayaks float past the small towns, villages.

Tourist steamer down the river.

A pair of stops to rest at the shore.

Key words

Germany, 1930, architecture, kamenolemni, palaces, tourists, sculpture, river, canoes

Reel №2

A pair of stops on the bank, a man puts a tent, and the girl goes to the city for shopping.

Views of the town of Detmold, the old castle, the streets.

The man, meanwhile, prepares food on a kerosene stove.

From the shore, two fishermen pulled the network is fixed on poles.

The couple arranged for the night in sleeping bags.

The castle guard locks the wrought-iron gates of the castle.

In the morning she wakes up from the obscure sounds, wakes his companion, near the tents are sheep.

Tourists get up, bathe in the river, then go to the city.

And view of the Renaissance castle with a tower.

Close-up sculpted heads, scaring spirits.

A pair of passes on the old stone bridge.

Tourists continue the path and soon find themselves near another ancient city - the city of Hameln, famous legend of the Pied Piper.

And view of the closely facing each other architectural monuments: House Lyaysta, House Demptera, two city towers, belonging to the Middle Ages, the city wall.

Elements of decor palace.

In an open window can be seen moving figures Pied Piper with a pipe and going after him rats.

In the area played a theatrical action based on the legend.

Pied Piper with a pipe surrounded by a dance of children.

Wrought iron sign on the house.

The building of the town hall.

Key words

Germany, 1930, architecture, tourists, fishing, sculpture, palaces, theatrical performance