Guelph Treasure (1937)

Footage №67099, 1 part, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Hans Kyurlis (Hans Cuerlis)
Camera operators:Valjter Tyurk (Walter Tuerck)

Reel №1


View from the bird's-eye view of the city of Braunschweig - "one of the most beautiful cities in Germany," the treasury of medieval German art.

Types of urban towers, castles, churches.

Taking Close-up of a medieval cathedral.

The next close-up - the marble statues of the Dukes in the praying position, with a miniature model of the cathedral in their hands.

Sequence shows the medieval treasures of Guelph, exhibited in a number, such as crosses, golden salaries books, reliquaries in the shape of a hand.

Close-up of the reliquary of St.

Sigismund in the form of silver right hand holding a golden lily.

Close-up of three rings ornate reliquaries in the shape of a hand.

Commentator: reliquary in the form of "courageous and strong" hands symbolize the "power of the German people."

Reliquaries whirl on a tray, the camera shows them on all sides.

Next object - male head made of gold shown on all sides.

Items of clothing saint decorated with precious stones.

Close-up of book illustration depicting the four evangelists, and the text of the manuscript of the Gospel in Latin.

Details silver engraving on the back.

Close Book salary plan, divided into square sections, each of which depicts a plot.

Assistant shows engraved casket, decorated with images of saints and biblical characters (David, Melchizedek, and others.).

Another casket for jewelry is made in the form of a small house with a roof, which is placed in the window of the Apostles of the image.

The next close-up - large model made of gold with carved cathedral dome.

The walls of the cathedral are covered with reliefs of biblical figures.

A small chapel in the form of a triptych.

assistant opens his hand: see the inner side flaps with images of saints, in the center - sitting Virgin Mary.

One of the main treasures - gold crosses engraved, oval pearls and precious stones.

Notes attached: these medieval treasures embody "the wealth and craftsmanship of the German people."

Key words

Germany, 1937, art, architecture, sculpture, books, jewelry, religion

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