Last canoe (1944)

Documentary №67102, 2 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Gerbert Drejer (Herbert Dreyer)
Camera operators:Voljfgang Myuller-Zen (Wolfgang Mueller-Sehn)

Reel №1

Austria, Mondsee. "Fishermen on the Mondsee traditionally prepared their fishing canoes of the 200-300-year-old pines.

But now there are only one such old tree, the last in the forests of Mondsee ".

Coast mountain lake, the lake swims boat with two rowers.

The boat reached the shore, two fishermen take the network and go to the beach, talking.

Fishermen Network dried in the sun.

Farmers are in the woods.

The trunk of an ancient pine tree is shown from the roots to the top.

Fishermen are suitable for the pine tree, measure the diameter of the trunk with a rope.

Shows a table by the lake, the peasants drink beer, smoke pipes and talk.

Group peasants cut down a pine tree.

View of the village with hanging fishing nets.

Fisherman nets unraveling.

Villagers come together to build a canoe.

manufacturing Scene canoe pine trunk.

Farmers cut the barrel axes, saw off unwanted wood bars, hollow inside of the boat.

Hard work axes.

One of the peasants is building a fire of wood chips on the beach.

Close up showing the face of fishermen and flapping axes.

The trunk sawn pine boat taking shape.

Key words

Austria, Mondsee, 1940, lake, boat, construction, craft, tradition, fishing, farmers, nature

Reel №2

Fishermen are completing construction of a new canoe and lowered it into the water.

Some fishermen are loaded with large stones on the shore of the old boat, others fix a new canoe in shallow water special wooden fortifications.

Stones discharged from an old boat in a new canoe, which descends from it into the water.

Fishermen float away, leaving the canoe.

Brief musical interlude.

Showing fixing strengthen overgrown with reeds.

The fishermen returned to the sunk boat, removed the stones.

Darkened canoe floats on water, the fishermen take away him away.

A fisherman in a boat passes by on the shore of repairing the network and peasant farmer, a short conversation.

A fisherman removes dried fishing nets.

Elderly fisherman with approval stroking the surface of the new canoe on the lake.

His partner moved to a new boat with nets and take up the paddle.

The canoe glides on the water surface.

Landscape of lake and chain of mountains, lit by the setting sun.

Fishermen stop, straighten network.

Key words

Austria, Mondsee, 1940, lake, boat, construction, craft, tradition, fishing, farmers, nature

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