Swabian sea. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Viljgeljm Marcan (Wilhelm Marzahn)

Operators: Herbert Kebeljman (Herbert Kebelmann)

Reel №1

General view and geographical map of Lake Constance.

The surroundings of the lake with the forest.

Travel city, located on the shore of the lake.

Constance - the main city of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg.

The train passes over the bridge, coming to the station.

The passengers are on the platform.

The building of the hotel and "Barbarossa" restaurant, the frescoes on the walls of buildings with historical scenes.

Gothic cathedral of the 11th century.

Stone laid on the site of the burning of Jan Hus and Jerome of Prague July 16, 1415, the inscription on the stone.

View from the lake to the old town with its historic appearance.

Tower city gate.

The house, which was awarded the Czech reformer Jan Hus, a bas-relief profile of Guus.

The birthplace of Ferdinand von Zeppelin - military engineer, inventor of the dirigible.

The port of Constanta with the trade court.

The sailors cleaned a small tourist ship, other vessels in the roads.

Journey to the Reichenau Island, covered with vineyards and orchards.

Former Benedictine monastery on the island.

Radolfzell City on the map.

By water floating boat.

Waterfront with trees, historic buildings.

Munster Radolfzell in the 15th century and the so-called Austrian castle of the 16th century.

City beach, the water goes down hill.

City Überlingen, ancient buildings, area.

Women in traditional costumes go over the area with the children.

The house pulls a cart with hay, drawn by bull hostess wings.

Dilapidated medieval walls and towers of the town, sheltered by green trees.

City Unter-Uhldingen.

The famous museum of the Bronze Age pile dwellings reconstructed in the coastal strip.

In the yards utensils, boats.

Gable roof covered with hay.

General view of the city Meersburg, has retained its medieval appearance.

The city gates.

In the courtyard of the house of the children dance in a circle.

Old Castle, built in the 7th century mervingami.

Former German watermill.

Museum of the poet Annette von Droste-Hyulskhof in the princely house, a bust of the poet.

Schloss Heiligenberg 13th century.

Plantation vineyards, workers sprayed the vines.

City of Ravensburg, a panorama of the city from above.

Old Town Hall, lots of towers, their abundance Swabian town called Nuremberg.

Key words

Germany, 1930, city attractions, lake, travel, restaurants, hotels, architecture, personalities, port, beach, museums, mill

Reel №2

City Friedrichshafen - the second largest after the Constanta city on Lake Constance.

The port berth tourist ships.

Tourists on excursion boat, people sit at tables on the deck, sailors orchestra plays.

Port facilities.

The steamer goes into flight.

Old streets of the city, area.

Castle church of the 17th century.

The favorite entertainment of inhabitants - a walk on the airship on Lake Constance and the surrounding area of ​​the city.

Twilight view from the lake on the tower and flying zeppelin.

People on the promenade watching the airship.

With the water rising hydroplane.

The town of Langenargen.

Large color plans, flowering trees, the flowers the bees are flying.

The farmer is the bull, harnessed to a cart full of hay.

The lighthouse on the shore of the lake.

Fishermen in a boat on the lake.

Panorama of the city.

City Wasserburg (translated as "The Castle on the water").

The main attraction of the city - it is the Church of St.

George the 18th century.

The monastery walls and towers.

Steamship pier.

View overlooking the town.

The spa town of Bad Schachen.

It is suitable berth tourist vessel.

Urban beach, people sit in the lounge chairs, sunbathe on the sand, boating.

City Lindau arising in Roman times like a fishing village, has retained the medieval layout.

The old town is situated on an island, connected to the coast by rail and bridge.

At the end of the breakwater at the entrance to the harbor on the 6-meter pedestal of a marble figure of a lion, symbolizing Bavaria.

On the shore stands the old lighthouse of the 13th century.

New Town Hall 18 th century.

Old streets, churches.

Round sentry Thieves tower of the 14th century, part of the defense complex, together with the Powder Tower, a bastion Ludwig and "redoubt Maximilian."

From Lindau boat can get to the town of Bregenz.

Upper Town - the oldest part of Bregenz, with a view of the lake.

Driving the confluence of the Rhine river in the Lake Constance.

The northernmost city in Switzerland - Schaffhausen - also located on Lake Constance.

In the south-west of the city is the largest in Europe, the Rhine Falls.

A view of the waterfall and rapids.

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