Path winner. (1936)

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Director: Paulj Liberenc (Paul Lieberenz)

Operators: Paulj Liberenc (Paul Lieberenz)

Reel №1


Showed rural idyllic landscape: meadows, rivers, pastures.

Men derive horses from the stables.

In the early hours after midnight, when the heat subsides, let the horses graze in the paddock.

Horses galloping on the paddock.

Man leads the reins of two horses.

One of them - Nereid mare Born in 1933, champion of the German Derby.

Showing horses and other champions who have won large sums of money: Count Izolani, Athanasius, Oleander.

Youngsters Thoroughbred horses - the future champions of the biggest competitions, the winners of the candidates in the upcoming Derby.

The foals frolic in the feedlot.

It showed the way riding a horse from birth to the first victories.

Four months later, the foal weaned from the mother.

Young shoots runs along the pasture.

Six weeks later they become single horses.

Shown daily exercise riding horses.

Horses are trained on a leash.

The trainer-jockey horse circles.

Riders Group takes seat in the stables.

There comes the most important time - training runners.

Every morning, a group of riders toured the horses, accustomed to the different rates.

Key words

Germany, 1930, horses, horseback riding, horse riding, derby, horse racing, competition, Nereid, Count Izolani, Athanasius, Oleander

Reel №2

Two riders compete in the field.

After the morning training horses calm and "cooled" - go back at a slow pace.

Jockeys put blankets on the horses, wash them.

Horse and cooking food.

A large crowd of people: Select Derby favorites and the first horse racing for young riding horses.

Jockeys are weighed.

Horses out on the field.

Spectators place bets and watch the traffic on the binoculars.

Horses gallop at the start.

Upon completion of all the races apart.

The next event, and a great day in the life of a riding horse - a Derby.

Again, a large crowd of people in formal attire: men in suits, women in fur coats, hats and gowns ( "Derby - it is not only racing, but also a fashion show!").

Favourites go on the field.

Start of the race.

Spectators watching closely what is happening.

The winner is number 9! Blue Ribbon - the highest award of the Derby - put on the horse winning.

Key words

Germany, 1930, horses, horseback riding, horse riding, derby, horse racing, competition