Construction of the new Germany. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Engelj Kurt A.

Reel №1

Quarry blast working excavator.

There is a ground for the road.

Trolleys on rails.

Workers with shovels throw earth, tamped it, put the steel structures.

Construction of the bridge.

New bridges.

Mountain View from the road.

There is a detachment of RAD. Win land from the water in the coastal area, dig a trench in the water.

Ears of wheat field.

The village, home.

Monument to the soldiers.

Agricultural work.

Peasant horse, wagon sheds building materials for the house.

Street in the village, a woman puts flowers at home.

There is a detachment of Hitler Youth.

Youth House, the girls look photos at home.

Boarding, kirk.

Several buildings connected by walkway.

Go two German officers.

PNRM. on the top area.

The building of barracks-type tower, her Nazi flag.

Soldiers with guns.

Sculpture of a naked young man with a torch.

Berlin area, building with columns.

Museum of Contemporary Art, the exhibition halls of sculpture and painting.

The long building with kolonanmi and Nazi symbols, the stadium.

Buildings with the figure of an eagle and swastika.

The layout of the new square with buildings, new track, overpass.

Nazi eagle, its beak


Construction of bridges on the highway.

Excavators digging the ground, working with shovels.

Working with the log, put the bridge supports.

Crane lifts the stone glyby.

PNRM. construction.

Ready-viaduct bridge to the railroad tracks.

Bridge over the river, the car is on the highway.

The bridge is a RAD squad with shovels, they carried out drainage works near the village.

Buildings in the village.

Agricultural work.

The construction of the house in the village near town.

Holiday villages in the forest.

On the way there is a detachment of teenagers, a girl comes into the house.

They write letters home.

The dining room, kitchen


Kenigplats in Munich.

The Nazi flag, sculpture young man with a torch.

New buildings in Munich, built by the architect Paul Ludwig Trost, colonnade.

The exhibits in the halls of the museum of German art.

The building in Nuremberg, where the Nazi party congresses were held.

The building of the new Reich Chancellery in Berlin.

Street of the city, there is a tram.

The building of the Ministry of the fleet.

Skupturnoe fascist image of an eagle with a swastika.

Model Funder-Platz in Berlin.

Berlin East-West highway, view from above.

Monumental sculpture of an eagle, close-up of his head

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