Besslersky bridge. (1930 - 1939)

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Reel №1

In February 1918, Oberleutnant R.Bessler invented ready designs to build a bridge for military purposes. 40 meters of the bridge can be collected for 4 minutes.

For the idea was taken gangway.

Go German troops soladty, are finished construction of the bridge.

A small creek on the shore drive a pile, put the bridge span, strengthen one end, roll over in the water at the other end with the piles, they stand up on the bottom, then in turn, these spans are strengthened, turn, crossing built in a matter of minutes.

The soldiers run across to the other side.

Motorcycle with two soldiers drove up to the river.

The truck with the soldiers at the river, the soldiers pulled the bales with inflatable boats.

Boats inflated with a pump.

On the shore strengthening rope, the end of the rope to cross to the other side into the boat, pull it.

Measure the bottom of the sixth.

Because the river is a big, bridge design too large, they knock together on the banks of logs and boards, collect, pushed onto the axle with wheels to transport to the river

Key words

Germany, soldiers, bridge, river, construction

Reel №2

Soldiers carry the boards, knock span of the bridge by the river, on the banks strengthen the end, turn the other oknets into the water with the help of arms and poles, it is a more difficult and a long bridge.

Flooring boards, reinforce by following spans the queue.

Fasten with steel bolts and brackets.

The bridge was built, collate scheme

Key words

Germany, soldiers, bridge construction

Reel №3

Soldiers ran to the bars, is placed on the bridge.

Do railings rope.

The ferry troops across the bridge.

Then the process begins dismantling the bridge, spans disconnected, they were falling into the water, they attract a rope to shore.

It shows the process of assembly and disassembly.

Ready bridge on it are soldiers, passing cars, tanks, horses are

Key words

Germany, bridge, building, soldiers, military equipment, the cavalry