Air Transport Pilot. (1940 - 1949)

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Director: Dzhekson Pet

Operators: Delrimplj Yan


The film was made with the participation of pilots of the Royal Auxiliary Air Transport and the British aviation industry. Opens hangar aircraft on the field, fly. Dispatching, telephonists receive messages. Label: A.T.A.- Air Transport Association. At the table, the officer talking on the phone. Two notes on the flight board. Pilots talking in the room, smoke, play chess, billiards. Officers discuss routes on the map. The microphone sound team for pilots, everyone goes to the aircraft take off. Women pilots in an airplane landing. Pilots are sent to a building with a pointer: "All pilots arriving report here. "Women-pilots report to the officer. Over a field plane performs aerobatics, turns. Drivers sit in the plane, the propeller spins, backups are removed

Reel №1

Key words

England, world war 2, Air Force, Air Force

Reel №2


Rise single plane.

The aircraft in the sky,

At the bottom of the earth seen from the houses.

Clouds, a counter-jet.

At the bottom of the river.

Landing, the pilot hands over a report.

Two pilots in a more powerful machine, equipped with a weapon, the officer asked to allow a flight on it.

He sits down on the plane, this time on the phone getting the message about the appearance of Nazi aircraft, a young man ran to warn the plane, but did not have time.

Flying squadron.

Anti-aircraft gunners preparing a gun.

Pilot in the transport plane sees the clouds German fighter, who shoots.

English pilot makes turns, walks away from the Germans, too, shoots lined German plane falls to the ground.

Transport aircraft sits on the field, almost used up the fuel.

Pilot talking with the pilot combat vehicle.

Pilots who complete missions, going to report

Key words

England, Air Force, Air Defense, World War 2