Berlin - the city of the Olympic Games. (1936)

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Operators: Edmund Erter

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Olympic poster: a young man in a laurel wreath on his head, Quadriga of the Brandenburg Gate and the date -1-16 August 1936.

Railway station in Berlin.

Come train with the athletes.

The train is decorated with a swastika and the Olympic rings.

Athletes from different countries get to know each other.

Sit in the bus, take pictures.

Movement around the city.

The building of Kempinski house.

Everywhere can be seen the swastika flag and the Olympic rings, garlands, flags.

Characters from different countries participating in the Olympics, a symbol of Germany, with a swastika.

Traffic, buildings, squares and monuments.

Bus pochtamp.

Cathedral building pantheon.

Selling newspapers, postcards on the street.

In the window of the layout of the Olympic facilities.

Street cafe, sit at the tables people.

Movement along the street, the Reichstag, the urban area.

Brandenburg Gate, Hitler travel by car through the gates, the crowd welcomed the leader.

The movement of people, vehicles, double-decker buses.

Parking cars, signs in different countries.

Subway station, people go up the escalator, go out of the train


Stadium and Olympic Tower.

An employee holds a poster in several languages ​​on the registration.

In the area of ​​busy traffic, tables under umbrellas.

There is sale flags with Olympic symbols icons.

Stadium, the stands, lit the Olympic flame.

Home of the Olympic Games, the audience raise their hands in a Nazi gesture


Soccer game.

Long tables where you can drink the water, the judges at the tables.

Water station in Grünau, swim.


Olympic village houses.

Athletes give autographs.

The participants of the Olympic Games acquainted with the city.

The evening dinner in the cafe, walk around the city.

Illuminated advertisements on the streets of Berlin.

Variety "Wintergarten" cancan dance revue.


Lit the Olympic flame, the Olympic Games are highlighted flags of the participating countries

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