The hook and fishing line. (1933)

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Reel №1

The hook with artificial bait.

Leather wallets with different hooks.

Fisherman skewer the bait on the hook.

Standing in the river throws a fishing line.

Fish under water grabs the bait.

Fish caught.

A fisherman using a net pulls the catch.

A fisherman with a huge fishing net, standing on a special wooden structure on the river fishing.


Two fishermen in a boat catching big fish using spinning.

Fish resists, trying to off the hook.

Fishermen - athletes at a special fishing boat to catch big fish spinning.

Took out the catch using a harpoon.

The huge fish jumps over the water, trying to off the hook.

Fisherman with a special long hook lifts the fish aboard the boat.

Catching fish (swordfish) with the bow of the boat with the help of a harpoon.

Japanese sailing vessel.

With national flags.

Fishing competitions.

Fishing using ducks.

Birds tied ropes to the boats.

Fishing at night.

Ducks catch fish, the fishermen pull their boats to the rope.

Birds on a special ring neck, so as not to swallow the fish.

The Japanese fishing Sailing.

The catch on board the vessel.

Fishing has been very active, the fishermen do not even look at the camera.

Fishing nets.

Group of fishermen snare for catching large fish (swordfish).

Fish caught in nets dragged on board hooks.

California coast.

Fishing with fishing rods vessel.

The man on the shore feeding the fish by hand.

Artificial fish pool.

Fish swim to the shore for a meal

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