One person - two works. (1940)

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Operators: Kotter Dzhek. Harris R. Tompson Grehem

Reel №1

Against the background of the dial feet coming down the stairs of people.

The man says a report card at the entrance.

People are going to work, eating breakfast.

Two soldiers riding on a bicycle, the morning checking.


Headlines: "Great Battle of Sedan," "Hitler was trying to capture the Maginot Line," "Sedan evacuated."

People listen to the radio.

English village, a man with a megaphone speaks to the people, he calls to join the local defense units.

The militias with weapons.

Go marching soldiers.

Parade, it takes an officer.

Silhouette of a soldier with a gun.

An airplane with paratroopers.

Soldiers jump from the ship, run the water to the shore.

Fighting among the ruins of houses.

They climb over the wall, run.

Lifted by a rope on the wall, going on a rope ladder from house to house, on the roof.

Smoke, there are two militiamen, one throws a grenade into the entrance, go after the explosion.

The militiamen in camouflage suits are on the field, hidden in the grass, cross the river.

The soldier crosses with rope, rope pull, forwarded by him.

Soldier with a shell, load a gun and shoot at the tank, he explodes.

Headquarters, the officers make the decision.

According to the radio transmitting a message.

Soldiers riding in covered trucks.

They run for cover, remove the camouflage netting, opens a huge gun, it is charged, shoot.

Build troops, the command to run anti-aircraft guns, anti-aircraft gun shoots.

Shoots mortar gun.

The plant, working for the machines.

Two workers beat molotoma.

Engineer sitting at the drawings.

They're coming workers.

The evening, all at home.

The young man in civilian and then military clothing.

A man with a wheelbarrow, then he is in the clothes volunteer.

The road there are trucks with soldiers walking towards, oin greeting each other.

Soldiers climb the ladder to the ship.

The volunteer should have a gangway.

Silhouette volunteer

Key words

World War 2 soldiers, paratroopers, artillery, factory, workers, England, village, press