ocean-going vessels. (1930 - 1939)

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Reel №1


Hamburg harbor.

Views of the town, ships in port.

Floats steamer "Carsten Russ."

Ocean-going ships.

Port cranes.

The passage through the channel.

Bare mast sailing ship.

Modern turbine parohody.

PNRM. shipyard, scaffolding at ship.

Ocean steamer "Bremen", catapult on the deck, the plane takes off


The ship "Cap Arcona".

General form.

Captain's bridge.

Engine room.

Watchman at the helm.

Fuel supply from the tanker to the barge with a hose.

Smoke from the pipe steamer.

Engine room, motors, control devices.

The furnace, fireman opens the door and goes inside to check.

Turbine Hall.

Runs pump.

Telephone and telegraph to send commands.

The captain and officers are on deck "Cap Arcona"

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Reel №2


The engine room of the ship, the machines work.

Cabins for officers.

The captain's cabin and its furnishings.

A senior officer with the report.

Writing in the logbook.

On the mast raise the flag.

Preparatory work on the boat.

The sailors pulled ropes tied at the side of the boat.

Side lights.

The bridge, an officer and a sailor at the helm.

Captain looks through a telescope.

The officers on duty.

Smoke from the pipe vessel. "Cap Arcona" is sent to Brazil and Argentina.

The officer looks at a sextant


Passage of the tropics.

The officers on deck.

The sailors are resting on the deck, sunbathe, read, give birth to a gramophone.

The sailors carry rations in bags, buckets of soup, baskets, boxes.

The sailors cleaned potatoes in the galley.

Cooking in pots, chef removes a sample.

Cleaning utensils drying machine.

Restaurant for passengers on the boat.

Hold the steamer, hang hoist.

The rise of the cargo hold.

Cashier, the sailors paid.

Clinic, receiving physician.

The doctor makes the operation, he was assisted by a sister.

Hospital on the ship.

The ship in the sea, nose bisecting volny.3 pipe steamer.

Sunset, a top view of the ship.

The captain at the helm

Key words

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