British youth during the war (1940-1949)

Footage №67231, 1 part, black-white
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Reel №1

The school is a lesson.

The teacher tells the children to the UK card.

Fires in London after the bombings, firefighters work.

The ruins of houses.

People make out the garbage, take out the wounded.

The defeated school.

The hospital, the wounded are children.


The station, children are sent to a safe place.

Train with children comes into the countryside.

Dining guys help cover, dinner.

Over the fence boarding house, bright building, gymnasium.

The class is a lesson, the student notes on the map, where there are fights, referring to the newspaper.

Headings of the Battle of Stalingrad.

In the foyer of dancing girls.

Children dismantled drawings, prepare the exhibition.

At the signal, the guys are built and run to a bomb shelter.

Dark sky.

London street, passers-by, cyclists.

Students in the chemical laboratory.

Youth meeting in the bomb shelter.

The boys are helping farmers in harvest, harvest of potatoes, cabbage, hay.

Students being transported in a wheelchair recycling.

Collect items to their homes.

Powered mine workers meeting halls, where the bombs are made.

On board post performance indicators.

Children, adolescents for the machines.

Construction of the aircraft, which is attended by pupils and students

Key words

United Kingdom, children, school, fire

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