Moana Southern Seas. (1925)

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Director: Robert Flaerti i Dzhuliana Dzhonsona

Reel №1

SShA.Na map shows a group of Samoan islands in the western part of the southern half of the Pacific Ocean.

Largest island of Savai'i, Upolu, on their manldatu owns New Zealand, and the rest of the island belong to SShA.Tropichesky forest.

Among the bushes Woman seeking a son named Pia, malchishaka hiding from it.

Moana elder brother Pia, digs the ground rhizome otkapyvaya taro plants upotryablyaemoe food.

Faangaz-the most beautiful girl in the village Sefun / Sawaya / she connects the leaves.

Shoulder the associated back bunch.

Moana found creeper, it shows his Faangaz, pour it into the mouth of the stem tasty refreshing juice.

Tuungaita bears branch "Silk" tree.

Moana with baskets hanging on the bar, goes through thickets, Pia with baskets.

The natives are bananas, fruit on sticks, female branch, following each other in the village.

Derbe, vines

Key words

US, women, plants, children, natives

Reel №2

Reel №3

SShA.Zhenschina tuzemskuyu tries on clothes-lava-lava.

Pia is going to climb a tree for nuts, try a twisted rope of vines.

Moana sharpens knife stick tip.

Pia gets to nuts.

Pia down, carries nuts

Key words

US, women, food

Reel №4

SShA.Semya floats in a boat, coping with waves.

Moana is jumping into the water, fighting with a turtle, with his father chasing her.

Pia turtle drags.

At sea, surf, waves, spray flying.

The boat turns over, riding on Pia's father, swim to the shore

Key words

USA, sea, fishing, animals

Reel №5

SShA.Tropichesky forest.

Family Lupengi for cooking.

Pia clears nut.

Women cook nut "milk".

Prepare fish, wrapped it in leaves, pour milk, put in the basket.

Faangaz Moana and finish the day sacred dance "Siwa".

At the ankle Moana wears jingle shells.

Young people dancing, Pia tries to imitate

Key words

US, population, food, entertainment

Reel №6

SShA.Lupenga blowing the conch.

The village feast-dedication of the young men who has reached the age of maturity.

Dance man.

Each Polynesian must pass a severe test in order to qualify to be called a man.

Dance of men with sticks.

Witch inflates fire drives away evil spirits.

Faagnaz spreading mats.

Dedication Moana.

Tufunga artist makes him a tattoo.

Parents and Faangaz look.

Moana suffers terrible pain stoically.

Tattooing is intermittent.

Men continue to dance.

tribal wisdom says: a prowess prihodisch only through suffering.

Sitting tribal leader

Key words

US natives, festivals, entertainment, art

Reel №7

SShA.Tatuirovanie lasts three weeks.

After this painful procedure Moana became a man.

Father thanks Tufungu.

Preparing a drink for special occasions kava.

Of particular fermented pepper roots.

Lupenga crushes pepper roots and mixes them with water.

Faagaz helps him.

Kava is prepared according to a strict ritual.

Lupenga leader takes a drink.

He first reward libations to the gods, and then drink.

Preparations for the wedding and Faagaz Moana.

Faagaz decorate girlfriend, head adorn special uborom.tantsuyut children.

Wedding dance Moana and Faagaz.

Father sitting by the fire, singing, sleeping exhausted Pia

Key words

US natives, festivals, marriage