From Germany to the German land owner. (1930 - 1939)

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Reel №1


The train goes to the south, in Singen.

Landscapes, taken from the train window.

At home.


Mountains, forests and plains.

Group of tourists.

Obelisk monument to Nazi-Leo Shlagetaru.

The mountains.

Trees, rocks.

Dilapidated tower.

Tourists walk through the alley.

On the castle hill, the ruins.

Tourists divide the tent.


General view of the factory "Maggi".

Production casing

Key words

Germany, landmarks, monuments, mountains, industry, tourism

Reel №2


Map of Germany.

She mock-plants "Maggie".

View office "Maggi" in Berlin.


Factory Warehouse.

Samples of the company products: sauces, soups, bouillon cubes.

Layout "Maggi" plant.

One of the company's own name / in Bedene /.

Harvest and vegetables.

Various agricultural work on the estate.

Peasants at lunch.

Zhivotnovedcheskaya farm.

Scott: calves, cows.

Calves play with the dog, butt.


Cash cow, bull calves

Key words

Germany, industry food, farm, farmers, agriculture, domestic animals

Reel №3


Scheme of supplies of raw materials to the company's factories.

Cleaning of the asparagus in Braunschweig.

Baskets with asparagus.

Sort and trim asparagus.

Placing it in the boxes.

East Prussia.

View of the city of Konigsberg.

Cleaning green peas.


Cleaning cauliflower.

Loading it into wagons.


View of the city.

Harvesting grain.

Harvesting of green mass, designed manufacturing Condiments

Key words

Germany, agriculture, industry

Reel №4


Scheme of supplies of raw materials to the factories in Singen.


Factory Warehouse.

Acceptance of cargo.

raw materials unloading.

Its special washing machines.

Sift the raw material.

Furnaces for melting raw materials.

The circuit cameras for storage of raw materials.

Camera in action.

Pump system, the feed raw material to the mill.

Interior view of the mill shop.

Mill machine in action.

Various types of grinding material.

Tapped the finished flour.

Filling it in bags.

Meat and fat in the drying chambers.

Sublimation meat for use in soups

Key words

Germany, the food industry, railway, agriculture, technology

Reel №5


Delivery of vegetables on company plants.

The carts with vegetables.

Unloading ososchey.

Their treatment in special tables.

Many workers cleaned cabbage, carrot.

Cutting vegetables.

Repeated washing.

Unloading of a container of crushed vegetables.

The process of making a special test for soups.

Production of egg sticks on a special machine.

soups fabrication shop.

Stirring all ingridentov

Key words

Germany, food industry, agriculture, technology

Reel №6


Loading the finished bag weight.

The bags are transported to the packaging machines.

Workers pack bouillon cubes.

Packing machine.

Placing cubes in the box.

Packaging of finished packages with soups in boxes.

Lunch break.

The workers come from the factory.

The settlement for the workers of the company "Maggie".

At home.

The dining room at the plant.

Working lunch.

Veterans of the plant drink beer

Key words

Germany, the food industry, work, machinery

Reel №7


Workers at the plant.

They're in the toilet.

Hand washing.

Vaneau-shower complex at the factory.

General form.

Boiler elektrostntsii.

Her engine room.

In the frame-bouillon cubes of firm "Maggie".

Boilers for preparation of the masses.

Pressing and packaging of the finished weight.

The output of finished products.

Feed her a special machine and sealing to the banks.

Packing cans into boxes.

Tubs for sauces.

Ready-made sauces in bottles.

Transport via pipeline.

Sealing bottles

Key words

Germany, the food industry, women, equipment

Reel №8


Wash bottles.

Corking bottles, rubbing them.

Sticker labels.

Sealing seal bottles, wrapping in cellophane, packing into boxes.

Ready boxes in a warehouse.

Post office in the warehouse.

A train departs from the plant.



The titer of the need to use all that gives the German state

Key words

Germany, food industry, agriculture, free transport, railway