Caring for the wounded on the battlefield. (1930 - 1939)

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Reel №1


Instructional film about providing first aid to the wounded and their removal from the field of military operations.


The onset of the infantry.

Running soldiers.

Wounded soldiers.

First aid has the company commander auxiliary nurse.

Two officers determine the place to collect the wounded.

Unloading dressings.

Distribution stretcher separate their companies.

Oxygen devices.

Equipment collecting the wounded places.

Adjustment of the oxygen apparatus.

Sterilization of tools, preparation of tires, adjustment device for water filtration

Key words

Germany, war, explosion, wounded soldiers, medicine

Reel №2


Medics on the way to its their companies.


Running orderlies.

Medic establishes the inscription "To collect the wounded place."

Wounded soldiers, he assisted and carried into the shelter.

The doctor examines the wound at the point of collection and imposes on foot bus

Key words

Germany, explosion, wounded, medicine

Reel №3


Medics are wounded.


Driving finding collect the wounded and hospital items.

Medics crawling drag the stretcher through the sweep area.

Arrival to the infirmary.

The doctor places the tire and makes injection.

Drawing up an accompanying leaflet, which is attached to his uniform wounded.

Ability to move the wounded self-directed to the collection site.

Wounded in the arm after the imposition of primary bandages goes to the place of collection of the wounded.

In a note accompanying a piece of its transportability.

He is waiting for sending to the infirmary.

Meanwhile, attack prododlzhaetsya

Key words

Germany, war, explosion, wounded, medicine

Reel №4



Running soldiers.


They crawl away to safety.

Wounded in the stomach attached to a certain position.

Wounded in the head loses consciousness, put it on the tent and carry to the place of assembly

Key words

Germany, war, explosion, wounded soldiers, medicine

Reel №5


Wounded in the stomach is delivered to the collection site.

The doctor does a prick.

Wounded refer to the place of dispatch to the infirmary

Key words

Germany, war, wounded soldiers, medicine