Monthly Review. (1930 - 1939)

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Reel №1


Human Hands typing.

Brandenburg Gate.

Typewritten text: "The Fuhrer visited the museum of architecture in Munich."

The same text in the header of the Nazi newspaper "Volkischer Beobachter".

Something tells speaker into the microphone.

People with a newspaper


Procession with the standard of the stormtroopers.

A huge mass of people


Street of a foreign city.

Nazi flags and banners.

Posters "Myhotim return to the Reich", "our mother Germany"


The aircraft sits on the airfield.

From the aircraft leaves Goebbels.

A car.

It sits Goebbels.

He welcomed the crowd.

A group of people with a banner: "We will not touch with a place until you perform our Dr.


On the balcony there is Goebbels.

He welcomed the crowd


Military camp, decorated with Nazi flags and Spanish.

Young people make the morning toilet.

Distribution of food.

Soldiers in uniform.

Build soldiers inspecting officer.


Camp examines Goering.

He talks to the officers and soldiers, presenting the awards.

Girls Spanish officers handed flowers


The rally at the stadium.

The machine with the Nazi leadership circles stadion.

PNRM. stadium.

Past the bleachers deftliruyut soldiers

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Reel №2


Military ships at sea.

They are in full swing.

Court on the roads.

Pumping water from the sunken warship.

Clearing it from algae.

The battleship at sea.

Group of military courts


The pilot performs aerobatics

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Reel №3


Auto racing.

One of the vehicles flipped and exploded.

Firefighters extinguish a burning car


Nazi flags.

Young buglers drummers.

Railway station.

Hitler and Goering meet high foreign visitor.

The motorcade vehicles.

The car stops in front of the palace.

The distinguished guest visits the palace.


Ribbentrop and foreign guest at the table.

Dance dancers.


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