We continue to France. (1946)

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Director: Lui Daken

Reel №1


Documentary mounting film about the history of France from ancient times to the mid-40s.

The film features engravings, photographs, newsreels.

France Fields.

Paris taken from the plane: Arc de Triomphe, Place de la Concorde, Golf Royal, Saint-Antoine, the industrial areas of the city, Republic Square, Column with winged liberty.

Chronicle: Parizh.1946 Communists g.

Demonstratsiya sabotage against the trusts, "We will produce more of the French renaissance."

They're coming workers, flags, transporant.




Weaving workshop.

Forge, joinery.


Agricultural work.




Antique amphitheater in Avignon Bridge, ancient fortresses, churches of Romanesque architecture.

Gotticheskie church.

Angel crowning Strasbourg Cathedral.

Map of France.

Sculpture of Joan of Arc.

Events Hundred Years War, Joan of Arc told feat in engravings.

Chronicle: Rouen, the fortress, the place of detention of Joan of Arc.

Chronicle: frantsuzhy prisoners in an area of ​​Germany during the 2nd World War

Key words

France, attractions, Chronicle, a demonstration of communists, workers, advocacy, industry, fishermen, agriculture, farmers, bridge, castle, church, theater, architecture, cathedral, prisoners, personalities

Reel №2


Map of France.

Driving: in 1429, the British conquerors, in 1940, the German invaders.

Chronicle: are German soldiers on the background of the ruins.

Paul Reynaud and Verdier, Archbishop of Paris.

Maurice Thorez and Jacques Duclos.

Again, Paul Reynaud, outgoing.

Fragment from the film Dreyer's "The Passion of Joan of Arc."

Laval, Petain.

The liberation of France from the English map.


Fields and villages of France, the river.

Versailles, palaces, fountains.

Louis H1U.Gravyury his times-building, working people.

Marsar, Lafontaine, Moliere-engraving.

The uprising of the peasants.

Trees hung with peasant prints.


Philosophers Diderot, Voltaire, Rousseau, d'Alembert Descartes.

Encyclopedia, pictures of trude.1946 g.

Demonstratsiya Communists in Paris.

History of the French Revolution in gravyurah.1789 year-States-General.

Scheme of the driving forces of the French Revolution

Key words

France, chronicle the movie, monarchs, Gos.deyateli, personalities, priests, river, attractions, fountain, building, art, peasants, revolt, revolution, penalty Communists

Reel №3


Louis H1U engraved.

Original room for ball games.

Mirabeau /barilef/.14 July, Bastille destruction Bastilii.1946 of-freedom column.

Declaration of Human Rights / text /.

Chronicle: negros Martinique near the National Assembly.

Sale of "L'Humanité", a demonstration.


National Assembly Hall.

Map of Europe the French Revolution.

Spreading the ideas of the revolution: Kosciusko / engraving / Statue of Liberty in the Americas, Beethoven / engraving /.

Bas-relief of the Arc de Triomphe "La Marseillaise."

Map of Europe 1789 g.


The rebels in the streets of Paris - engravings, reliefs.

Fragment from the film Zh.

Renuara "La Marseillaise" - Marseille go to Valmy.

July 1939 - are working.

Battle of Valmy / engraving /.

Robespierre, Saint Just, Marat / engraving /.

Nuvoroshi speculators / garvyura /.

Chronicle: Exchange working, poor peasants quarters


Assassination of Marat / engraving / 9 Thermidor.

Driven to the execution of Robespierre, Saint-Zhyusa.

Execution of Saint Zhyusta.19 Brumaire Bonaparte uses guns against the rebels / engraving /.

Napoleon / portrait /.


Italnyaskaya company Napoleon.

The suppression of the conspiracy.

On Napoleon confer the imperial crown at Notre Dame.

Spanish voyna.1815 year.

The defeat of Napoleon in Russia.


Return from exile of Louis the eighteenth.

July 1830.

Barricades in Paris.

The revolution of 1848 / engraving /.

Map of Europe - the spread of the revolutionary movement.

Reaction maneuvers.

Kavenyan suppress the uprising.

Repression - drawings by Daumier.

Louis - Napoleon / portrait.

December 1851 g.

Plebestsit / engraving /

Key words

France, art, demonstration, cinema, elections, conference, sightseeing, work, poverty France, penalty, art, photos, rebellion Gos.deyateli, personality, war, revolution, monarchs

Reel №4

Reel №5


The Crimean War, in Italy, in Mexico / engraving /.

Chronicle: Broken car on the roads of France /1940g/.1870 g.

Sedansky rout / engraving /.

Chronicle: The capitulation of France Rotunda Forest of Compiègne, Hitler.

Peten / 1940 / General Bazin shall, together with the French army Prussakam.1871 g.

Parizhskaya Commune.

Protecting Paris / engraving / Thiers / photos /.

The decrees of the Commune / texts /.

Bloody week in May / engraving /.

The wall of the Paris Communards / photos /.

The bourgeoisie is rejoicing.

Blanks / engraving / his knigi.K.Marks, Engels, Lenin / photos /.

Rink trusts on the map of France.

Thyssen, Krupp, Schneider / photos /.

Driving trusts.


Jules Guesde, Jaures Georges / photos /.

The murder of Jaurès / newspaper /.

The war of 1914-18. / Chronicle /.

Driving in France in the war and the loss of income trusts.

Basil Zakharov / photos /.

Crosses in the cemetery / Chronicle /

Key words

France, war, art, Gos.deyateli, personality, war, literature, photo, Communists, Chronicle, industry

Reel №6


Chronicle: The Exchange.

The poor neighborhoods.

The birth of the French Communist Party at a congress in Tours / photo / M.Kashen tells Congress III International Moscow / Chronicle /.

Lenin speaks at Red Square on May Day parade / Chronicle /.

The soldiers on the streets.

Photo Lenin and Stalin.

Fragment from the film "Lenin in 1918" - Lenin's speech at the Michelson factory.

III International Congress.

Marcel Cachin and Paul Vaillant-bills / photos /.

The Kremlin's Spassky Tower.

The parade on Red Square / Chronicle /. 1945 g.

Brandenburgskie gates.

Soviet tanks in Berlin / Chronicle /.

The meeting in Paris in February 1934 g.

Frantsuzskie Nazis.

De La Roque, Shiapp.


February 12 - A general strike.

Demonstration of National Unity Front. 1936 Communist victory in the elections / Chronicle /.

June - a general strike.

Are the plants / Chronicle /.

Ben Frachon / photos /.

The Spanish Civil War, the arrival of Mussolini.

Bombing in Madrid, fires.

Franco, are the Republicans / Chronicle /.

Andre Marty / photos /.

International Brigade, Colonel Fabien, a hero of the Resistance, a member of the fighting in Spain was killed at the front in Alsace in 1944, his tomb.

Gabriel Peri / photo / his camera.

The signing of the Munich Agreement.

Chamberlain returned to England / Chronicle /.

Map - scheme of Nazi expedition in Europe.

Text Humanite. 1939 - Mobilisation in France.

Daladier, Bonnet / Chronicle /

Key words

France, Chronicle, strike, Gos.deyateli, personalities, soldiers, demonstration, fascist, fire, air force, photo, Gos.akt, tanks, parade, convention, communists, elections, war, fire, cemetery, mobilization

Reel №7


The dissolution of the Communist Party / newspaper /.

Communist MPs Michel Samten, Catala, Gabriel Peri.

May 1940 - German invasion of France.

Shoot guns, German planes dropping bombs.


Peten / Chronicle /.

A huge number of French prisoners of war in the area of ​​Germany / Chronicle /.

The meeting of Hitler and Petain in Montua.

Laval speaking before a microphone on sending workers to Germany / Chronicle /.

Bank Credit Lyonnais.

Revenues of French industry, who worked on Germany during the war.


Speaker fascist Dea.

Doriot, Petén in the cathedral at Mass.

The dead concentration camp prisoners / Chronicle /.

Explosions, takes off the bridge.

Go francs-tireurs and partisans / Chronicle /.

Radio station.

The role of the tango.

A rally in front of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of France

Key words

France, the communists, the fascists, personalities, Gos.deyateli, invasion, weapons, destruction, war, prisoners of war, concentration camp, Air Force, Working, the bank, the chronicle, the explosion, the bridge, the radio, the guerrillas, rally

Reel №8

THE USSR. Tractor plows.

Yalta meeting of Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill.

Stalin Mausoleum.

The parade on Red Square.

View from the plane to the plant.

Elections to the USSR / Chronicle /.


Marshal Tito street.



Georgi Dimitrov / photos /.

Demonstration on the street.


Benes signs the decree.

Demonstration of workers.

Nuremberg Trials.


Courtroom sessions.

The Greek people on the streets.

Combatants for Peace.

Molotov, Litvinov.


Palace of Justice.

Paul Reynaud.

Veterans - the French.

Factories, banks, the Soviet shklola.

Broken window with Marxist literature.

Politburo of the French Communist Party Maurice Thorez, Jacques Yuklo, André Marty, Leon Move.

A rally in front of the Central Committee building.

Workers, workers, and peasants.

Construction of the bridge.

Republic Square, the Communist demonstration

Key words

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