Fighting lady. (1944)

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Reel №1

A documentary on the participation in hostilities against Japan in the Pacific, the US aircraft carrier "Amazon". 1943.

Planes in the air.

Squadron from the Atlantic coast of the United States flies over the Atlantic.

Landing aircraft on an aircraft carrier. "Amazon" is part of the Panama Canal.

Lunch in the mess

Key words

United States, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Air Force, Navy, World War 2

Reel №2

Ship's pharmacy, infirmary.

After a few weeks, "Amazon" was held 2000 miles.

The sailors are resting on the deck.


August 19, 1943.

After passing 7000 miles "Amazon" close to Marcus Island.

The night before the attack.

Officers Meeting.

Fighters and bombers start from an aircraft carrier.

Very low on the water fly planes.

Dropping bombs on the island.

Smokey in tracking point return control of US aircraft

Key words

USA, Pacific Ocean, Air Force bombing, Navy, World War 2

Reel №3

Planes land on an aircraft carrier. 88. destroyed military facilities on the island.

Smokey detect straggler aircraft in the air. "Amazon" continues the path.

Multkarta arrow shows the direction - the seizure of the Philippines and landing on the territory of China.

The Marshall Islands, the line leading to the island of Kwajalein. 1944.

Air battle with Japanese fighters.

The bombardment of the island, explosions, burning buildings, airplanes.

Driving Truk Island.

The bombardment of the fortress.

Shooting with air Japanese ships, had not managed to escape to the ocean

Key words

Pacific Air Force bombing, Navy, Philippines, Marshall Islands, World War 2

Reel №4

The bombardment of the Japanese vessels.

The explosion of ammunition ship.

The wounded pilot. "Amazon" is sent from the area to the Truk Islands Gilbert - Makin and Tarawa.

At the assembly point of the American Pacific Fleet.

Mail sorting letters, military censorship.

USS removed anchor.

The sailors on the holiday.

Pilots watch the movie "Home in Indiana".

US ships at sea.

Multkarta - arrow goes from the Gilbert Islands in the Philippines, Guam and Saipan Island.

In the air, the Japanese aircraft appear.

The battle.

Falling Japanese aircraft

Key words

Pacific Ocean, Philippines, world war 2, Air Force, vacation, Navy

Reel №5


The priests administer communion of the faithful.

The sailors.


Anxiety, fight.

Downed Japanese aircraft.

Map of Japanese base areas, the islands of Guam, Saipan.

American armada in the ocean.

Among the ships "Tennessee", "Colorado".

The damaged bomber sits on the deck of an aircraft carrier.

Fire fighting.

Pilots lunch.

USS gaining maximum speed.

Japanese plane caught fire and falls

Key words

US Pacific Oken, bombing, Japan, aviation

Reel №6

Multkarta: the Philippines, the Japanese fleet.

On the island of Saipan American flag.

Anxiety on the aircraft carrier.

Aircraft take to the skies.

Downed Japanese planes fall into the water.

Last minute court.

Results of the fight: destroyed or seriously damaged 30 Japanese ships.

Aircraft in the Philippines.

A damaged US plane lands on an aircraft carrier.

The plane is divided on the walls on the deck.


The funeral of the dead pilots.

Among the dead - Smokey.

Farewell salute

Key words

USA, Japan, World War 2, the Navy, the Pacific Air Force, bombing a funeral