The Letter to a Chinese Friend.. (1969)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Medvedkin A.

Script writers: Medvedkin A.

Operators: Efimov E.


The film about the Chinese people's tragedy the principal of which is the Mao crime clique.

Temporary description

Personnel news: the Chinese in the Soviet Embassy in Beijing, China's provocation on the Ussuri River, landscape of the Great Wall of China, the construction industry with the CMEA countries, including the metallurgical plant in Anshan, a sugar factory in Uzinani, a cement plant in Shanxi, 8 The Second Congress of the Communist Party of China in 1956, there are: Mao Tse-tung, Chou En-lai, Deng Xiaoping, Lin Biao, Lin Zheng and others, the parade of the Red Guards, young people with the quotations of Mao, the Chinese children in kindergarten, children Boys and girls are taught to shoot, Mao Tse-tung is the streets. Landscapes Island Damansky. The obelisk with the names of the dead guards on about. Damansky. Obelisk of the Chinese Red Army Battalion 292 th internationalist Derbent Regiment, killed in battles in the station area Morozovskaya in June 1919.

Reel №1

Chinese red guards in front of the Soviet Embassy in Beijing shouting anti-Soviet slogans, bonfires, waving Mao's quotations - different.

Poster of the Soviet-Chinese friendship - handshake Soviet and Chinese workers.

Animation: the same poster - Chinese turning away from the Soviet working.

Footage of Chinese provocations on the Ussuri river (1969) - the shelling of a Soviet border zone with China.

The Damansky island and Ussuri river taken from the plane.

The great wall and the black area of China - Ls., pnrm., from the plane.

Construction of a metallurgical plant in Anshan with the help of the Soviet Union-are different.

Some parts of the construction - Ms., cu.

Welder-Chinese - cu.

Czechoslovak specialists are helping the Chinese to build the first powerful turbine to power plant of China - various.

Czech and Chinese new turbine - cu.

Sugar factory in Jinan, built by Polish people's Republic - Ls.

Chinese and Polish experts in the factory shop - Ms., cu.

Cement plant in Shanxi, built with the aid.

German Democratic Republic - Ls.

Chinese and German experts at the factory.

Separate working areas of the plant - Ms.

8th Congress of the Chinese Communist party in 1956 - Ls.hall.

Speech by Mao TSE-Tung at the Congress.

Members of the Congress applauded - different.

The great wall of China - Ls.

Wuhan iron and steel works - industrial landscape - Ls., pnrm.

The issuance of the first steel smelting at the works.

Soviet and Chinese metallurgists at the plant applauded after the first heat, congratulate each other with a production victory.

Working mill at the plant. pnrm. the Damansky Island and Ussuri river - the border of the Soviet Union and China - the aircraft.

A Soviet border guard was wounded during the provocative actions of the Chinese on Damansky island in March 1969 - cu.

The red guards are marching in the square in Beijing, sitting waving Mao's quotations - Ls.

Distorted faces of the red guards - cu.

Photo: Chinese red guards with hatchet - cu.

The Chinese brandish fists, screaming hysterically quotes Mao.

Go stafani with portraits of Mao TSE-Tung - Ls., Ms.

Photographs depicting a brutal massacre of the Chinese Communists and supporters of friendship with the peoples of the USSR.

Chinese kids in kindergarten play, and have fun (before the cultural revolution in China) - Ms., cu.

Photos, telling about the education of children and youth in anti-Soviet spirit - children sing grown-up songs, learning quotes, learning to kill with bayonets, etc.

Animation: leafing through the Chinese newspaper Guangming Daily" with anti-Soviet articles.

Photo: Chinese woman and mother in horror clings to his children, protecting them from the military explosion.

Grave of Soviet soldiers killed in the defense of the Soviet border from the Chinese provocateurs in the March 1969 Sino-Soviet.

The inhabitants of the frontier at the grave.

Obelisk with the inscription on the pedestal: here are buried the Chinese red army battalion 292 th international Derbent regiment perished in the battles for the Soviet power in the vicinity of the station of Morozovskaya in June 1919.

pnrm. the monument-a monument to Soviet soldiers who fell in 1945 in the battles for the liberation of China from Japanese occupation.

Laying a wreath at the monument to Soviet soldiers in China.

Chinese soldiers, pioneers, women at the monument (in China).

Passes Mao TSE-Tung and his entourage.

The Chinese phrase book in hand to greet Mao TSE-Tung.

Soviet border guards bravely holding back the Chinese red guards, advancing to the Soviet border and brandishing fists and quotations, hysterically shouting anti-Soviet slogans.