Construction of wagon factory in Nidershenvayde. (1926)

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Tasks-repair factory inspection of motor and trailer cars Berlin city, ring and suburban roads.

Construction of the plant began in August 1926


Driving device motor car trains: a rotating frame, the wheel ramp.

The scheme of the plant, is a single complex for the repair of motor cars.

the car manufacturing process


Place building, a vacant lot.

Start of construction.

builders Module.

Moving boxcar.

The locomotive pulling the wagons.

Construction of buildings shops.

Site preparation for the construction of the rolling plant.

The construction of the metal frame for the paint shop.

Installing the supporting column of the metal structure.

Fastening screws of the column.

Total PNRM. construction


Portal administrative building.

Shuttle steelwork farms on railway platforms, unloading.

Ustnovki binder / cohesive design /.

Total PNRM. plant under construction

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Reel №2


View remonstnogo shop.

The mount and utanovka bindera.

PNRM. construction.

Type of construction workshops.

Lifting one of the jumpers for the installation.


The north wing of the rolling plant under construction.

Jumper between shop and office building.

Type of building from the west.

In the foreground, a pair of horses pulling wagons to the ground.

View from the east, in the foreground of a transformer substation, workshop airbags


Digging excavation for the construction of the boiler room.

Tap water drained.

Vykachevaemaya to lower the groundwater level moisture enters the prepared for the railway line trenches.

Laying bricks, the stone layer is applied three sealing layers.

Installing concrete base on the seal.

Driven concrete.

Concrete workers at work.

Masonry walls of the boiler room


Construction of the washing plant, the installation of the supporting beams.

Masonry walls, kind of built washing.

Metal frame boiler

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Reel №3


PNRM. construction.

Production of hollow stone roof.

Fragments of the finished roof.

Glazing upper skylights.

View from the west to the canteen, administrative building, repair and paint shop


PNRM. construction.


Construction of a temporary interim railway platforms and turntable.

Deliveries, assembly and installation of gantry crane wagon shop.

Assembling the mounting tower.

On the poster designs of "Plants Ardelt-Ebersvale"

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Reel №4


The rolling shop, lifting the assembled gantry crane.

View of the wagon shop sevrhu.

Flooring tiles ksilolitnymi.

Laying slabs close up.

General view from the west of the plant.

View from the east


The washing plant, shlangki.

Wagon plant.

assembly shop motors, machine tools.

Shop wheel sets.

Rotating the village.


Construction of the plant is completed in October 1927


View of the administrative building.

View of the plant from above.

The yard in front of plant management.


The scheme of the plant

Key words

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